Globe – The Terrarium Lamp By Richard Clarkson Studio

Globe is a suspended handblown glass ball in 12″ and 8″ diameters, available with or without an intergraded LED light source. The design of the Globe creates a unique viewing perspective of plants and other elements, often providing intense magnification or complete disappearance. Originally designed as a terrarium for ferns, moss, succulents and aquatic fauna, we quickly discovered exciting new possibilities and applications beyond plants. The nearly invisible power cord used for each globe is made possible by utilizing micro-wire technology developed for wearable electronics. Combined with discrete but incredible strong stainless steel cable the Globe floats in the air, drawing the full focus to the elements inside the Globe. At heart the Globe is a planter but it can also be used in a number of other ways; from protecting and displaying objects to diffusing and refracting light. For instance when filled with water the Globe acts as a spectacular lens – with the addition of a few drops of white or colored food dye it is possible to create some truly stunning light effects. In this way Globe is very much an evolving vessel of both matter and light.

LZF’s Handmade Wood Lamps in Set of Creative Images

Photographers Nienke Klunder and Wiglius de Bie have produced a photographic montage for LZF that juxtaposes fragments of several art movements, including Surrealism, De Stijl, and Modern. With dramatic effect, Klunder and de By present a number of LZF’s handmade wood lamps in a series of creative scenes. The radiant Dandelion, slinky New Wave and peculiar Life-Size Fish are just a few of the lights on show.

Releasing The Light – Concrete Lights by Dror Kaspi

Designer Dror Kaspi has created these concrete and aliminum lights for Adroma Design. They come in two variations, a pendant light, called Split, and a table lamp, called Release. The design of the partially split concrete cylinder reveals a glowing light from the inside, which was intended to demonstrate the contrast between the roughness of concrete and softness of light. The aluminum bases of the lamps come in either silver, emphasizing roughness and resistance, or one of three pastel colors, emphasizing softness and gentleness. The multiple bases also allow the lights to fit into any room decor style.

The Birth Chandelier by Satoshi Itasaka

Designer Satoshi Itasaka, of Japanese studio h220430, ponders the meaning of life with The Birth chandelier, inspired by the weak electrical current that occurs in an ovum at the moment of the fertilisation. Says Itasaka, “Today, the loss of life and humanitarian suffering due to racism and terrorism is considerable. Besides, it is now possible to make human beings artificially. Considering all that, it seems that the value of ‘life’ is transforming, and therefore, it is time to re-think ‘life’. Birth is a chandelier inspired by the weak electrical current that occurs from an ovum at the very moment of the fertilisation. I hope this work will provide opportunities to recognise the beauty of life.”

The Rumbles – Collection of 3D Printed Pendant Lamps

Studio MeraldiRubini have designed The Rumbles, a collection of 3 lamps that were created using 3D printers. “Inalye, Iraya and Issay, are the three elements that make up the family Rumbles. Hanging lamps made through the use of modern 3D printers. They are characterized by soft and sinuous shapes that embrace diffuser. Through the holes on the surface, you can admire the light source inside the lampshade without getting dazzled. Are objects that creates light, but also shadow … that create a unique atmosphere.”

Edison Light Globes Steampunk Lamps

LEDs are the wave of the future, but plenty of folks aren’t ready to give up Edison-style filament bulbs for their classic aesthetic. Alongside with classically-shaped bulbs Australia-based company Edison Light Globes creates really beautiful desk and pendant lamps. The company’s deep line-up of fixtures are heavy on brass and exposed hardware, yielding steampunkish pieces.

A Cloudlike Lamp You Can Reshape Yourself

Margje Teeuwen has collaborated with Erwin Zwiers to create Proplamp, a lamp made from a biodegradable non-woven material that you can “crush” to tailor-make your own design. “Since the beginning of her design career, Margje Teeuwen has been fascinated by the beauty of shapes that originate by crumbling paper for many years. They already resulted in a collection of lights 5 years ago. Her encounter with designer Erwin Zwiers, formed a new source of inspiration. Always experimenting with new materials, he came across a multifunctional non woven plastic, which was ideal for designing a light. So independent from oneanother, they were working on a similar light-object and instead of competing they decided to join forces. The result of their collaboration is a unique product. A lamp in the shape of a crumbled piece of paper, made of biodegradable nonwoven material. Each lamp is pre-shaped by Margje and Erwin, but the unique features of the material allow the lamp to be reshaped over and over again, by the new owner. It enables anyone to tailor the shape of “proplamp” to their wishes.”

Moulds Hand-blown Glass Lights Collection

Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus have designed a collection of hand-blown glass lights named Moulds, for manufacturer Lasvit. Moulds is a collection of suspended lights, showcasing Czech crystal at its most resilient and lively form. The series captures a specific moment when molten glass resists its expected shape and freely escapes from the mould as a random, amorphous bubble. The energizing this series arises from the contrast of used materials, using the traditional craft techniques of blowing crystal glass into a beech form. “The idea came when we came across a warehouse filled with old wooden moulds that Lasvit had in their archive. We were absolutely fascinated by the thought that something as delicate and pure in terms of form could be born out of something as raw and elementally primitive as charred glassmakers’ forms,” Jan Plechá? explained. Henry Wielgus added, “We successfully attempted to create a light that blends the elegance of crystal with the rustic beauty of wooden forms, pounded together with iron cramps. Our design takes its strength from the rougher side of the traditional glass craft that stands behind its production.”

My Love by Edmondo Testaguzza for Karman

Another great example of pendant lamps. Edmondo Testaguzza has designed My Love, a collection of suspension lamps made fromwhite lacquered brass with engraving for Italian manufacturer Karman. “Founded in 2005 the company succeeds after a few years in the aim of creating a strong brand identity for an unconventional decorative, design lighting which is proudly made in Italy.”

Monochrome Pendant Light LETi by Studio Macura

Studio Macura have designed LETi, a pendant light that includes a clip-on 3D printed bird. “LETi, is a monochrome pendant light with a clipped 3D printed bird around its textile covered cable. These monochromatic pendant lights are available in three colors, black white and red, each supporting a color matching figurine of a wood pecker. There is a fourth version including a white lamp and cable with a desired colored bird. The fantastic technique of 3D printing transforms a basic pendant light into an iconic poetic object.”

“Fil de Fer” Collection by Forestier Paris

We’ve shown you lots of interesting lamps on the pages of our website. For example, King Edison Pendant Lamp or DRSL Paparazzi Lamp by Mónoculo Design Studio. And we want to add another creative lamp to this collection. In fact, a few creative lamps from one collection – Fil de Fer. This collection created by Forestier Paris contains a few table lamps and a few pendant lights. Take a look!

King Edison Pendant Lamp

Designed by Young & Battaglia, the King Edison pendant lamp combines whimsy with functionality. A tiny functioning chandelier is suspended inside a hand blown clear glass bulb with satin chrome fittings and hung on a braided silken cable. The name, King Edison, is tongue-in-cheek nod to the regal design of the chandelier and the lightbulb’s original inventor. The piece is made in England by Mineheart, the design consultant company and online store launched by Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia in 2010.

Detail.MGX by Dan Yeffet

Take a look at these creative ceiling pendants created by Israeli designer Dan Yeffet and called “Detail.MGX”. The lampshade is made with the unmistakable pattern of a fingerprint. He stretched his print around a sphere, its unique swirls becoming channels through which light would shine. Enjoy!

“Spiro Lamp” by Remedios Simón

Remedios Simón has designed the Spiro lamp for the Spanish lighting brand LZF. “Designed by Remedios Simón for LZF, is named after its structural design; delicate concentric wood modules, through which light flows. This new way of shaping the Polywood® veneer opens new possibilities to incorporate these circular mini structures into various configurations which are readily adaptable for the contract market. The first of these is the handcrafted circular suspension lamp, ideal to bring light and warmth to every room in your home. The variations in colour between the inside and the outside of the lamp and the two combinable diameters can be matched to create countless possibilities which will enhance the designs created by and for architects and designers.” Take a look!

Timothy John’s Woven Collection

Woven Collection created by New Zealand-based designer Timothy John consists of the Traditionalist vase, the Optimist and Pessimist pendant lights, the Exhibitionist table and the Deviant clock. “The initial Woven Series project was launched in November 2010; an experiment focused on hand weaving and wrapping techniques. The project was extensively covered by international publications and the Deviant clock was showcased at the Su Nero Nero exhibition in Italy in late 2011. Inspired by the overall reaction, the Woven Collection was born. Each piece pays tribute to a traditional form with focus on scale and material weaving technique. There is a strong element of contradiction evident in combining an organically woven felt textile with high gloss and elegant components. Despite these conflicting qualities and spirited embellishments, a simplicity of form is retained.” Take a look!

Minimalist Pendant Lamp “Mega Bulb”

Let us show you a winner of numerous awards like the “GOOD DESIGN award” and “Wallpaper Design Award”. Created by Danish designer Sofie Refer classic pendant lamp called “Mega Bulb” is handcrafted lamp in the shape of the first electric lamps. “Minimalist, functional with Scandinavian classicism, the Mega Bulb is a timeless piece of design, being a perfect companion for the kitchen chef or lighting large rooms and spaces.” If you like this pendant lamp you can buy it here. Have fun!

Contemporary “Madame Lamps”

Barcelona-based industrial designer Oriol Llahon in collaboration with Spanish lighting manufacturer Alma Light has created collection of contemporary lamps “Madame Lamps”. The collection consists of three different models: pendant, floor and table lamps. Made of epoxy painted metal these lamps are available in black-gold or white-silver colour variants. Also all models are available in two variants: full or only half. Choose yours!

Beautiful Artichoke Pendant Lamps

New York-based architect Allison Patrick set herself the goal of creating 30 DIY designs in 30 weeks, and she called it the 30x30x3 Project. The project includes lots of interesting an creative designs like these beautiful Artichoke pendant lamps. These lamps are made from all sorts of paper including phone books, boring novels, USA road maps, colorful magazines and music sheets. Shaped like artichokes, these creative pendant lamp will bring fun to any room. All lamps are available on Etsy. You can buy them here or try to create something similar. Have fun!

Abstract Lamps Collection CONSTANTIN

We’ve already shown you a lot of various creative lamps and to day want to continue. Featured today abstract-shaped natural collection called CONSTANTIN was created by artisan and fabricator from Brooklyn Andrea Claire Studio. This collection includes chandeliers, table and floor lamps. “Influenced by Isamu Noguchi, CONSTANTIN lifts these guiding principles off the canvas and advances them into a line of singular lighting concepts. All pieces are sculptural, green, handmade and original, with tailor-tooled components deployed with an architect’s attention to detail.”