Tullius Heuer, Bringing Images To Life

Brazilian digital artist-illustrator Tullius Heuer blends simulated pencil art with photography to create dramatic 3D-esque masterpieces. Self-taught artist combines his pencil art simulations with photo manipulations in Photoshop and the results are absolutely magical. Each digital painting is a work of his own realities with surrealistic touches, taking his artwork to whole new level. Check out some of our favorite designs from Heuer.

Amazing Photo Manipulations by Dmitriy Rogozhkin

Today we want to show amazing surreal photos of taleneted photographer Dmitriy Rogozhkin. “I was born and raised in the small town of Malmyzh. Although artistic education I have not, I’ve always liked to draw. In the future, it helped me to enroll in the University of Architecture. In 2011, I bought a Canon PowerShot 20x. I remember when it cost $ 250. For me it was a lot of money. After this year, I photographed on this camera, then scored on a year to shoot, and earned during the year on the Canon 7D, when he was in the first year of university. Somewhere in a year photography became for me a more convenient way of self-expression than drawing or painting. Artist – a state of mind, so it does not matter, what are you doing camera or brush.”

Brooke Shaden’s Surreal Art Works

Los Angeles-based photographer Brooke Shaden creates hauntingly-beautiful works that seem to live in their own world. People shine and objects levitate in outdoor landscapes whose dreamy coloring evokes a painterly quality to the work. It’s clear that a lot of care and consideration was given to every part of the surrounding environment, and we see small-yet-fantastic details like a field of wildflowers or colorful teal rocks in the background. Movement is important in Shaden’s work. Every subject has a very specific and acute way in which they’re posed, and it makes their hair, dress, and other elements flow throughout the composition. It creates a lyrical type of story-telling, and Shaden’s work sings lovely songs of women being inspired, and passionate, while enjoying the exquisite beauty of the world. Her unique vision brings out the dreamer in all of us.

Ann Elliott Cutting’s Conceptual Art

Advertising commercial photographer Ann Elliott Cutting works out of her studio in LA, California. Ann Elliot Cutting’s versatility spans subjects from science and organic images to children, sport and lifestyle. She uses many photographic techniques ranging from digital imaging, large format, and motions to plastic toy diana cameras. Her whimsical conceptual images have been published in Communication Arts, PDN, Graphic, Picture, B&W magazine and more. Her clients include companies like Nikon, Nike, Lexus, Microsoft, Target, Lee Jeans, Pioneer and Ashworth Golf.

Fascinating Manipulations by Christophe Huet

Take a look at fascinating images created by genius Photoshop retouch master from France Christophe Huet. He is the one who creates the famous advertising for Playstation, Nike, Motorola, Surfrider Foundation etc. His work is a perfect fusion between old-school photography and digital created composites. Somehow, he melts the thin barrier between reality and his own tortured imagination resulting in viscerally surreal images. Have fun!

Stunningly Beautiful World of Michał Karcz

To describe art photos of Michał Karcz from Poland you would find only excellent epithets. His art works bewitch and you, amazed by their greatness, loose the ability to think rational. You can just watch and feel the art inside you. Taking his inspiration from music Michał creates stunningly beautiful world with dark breathtaking landscapes. This is world you should definetely visit!

Creative Art Photos by Alexandre Dubosc

At the last day of the work week we decided to lift you a mood with these smart photos from Alexandre Dubosc. French photographer perfectly combine an interesting idea with exellent execution. The priority theme in his works is original idea or even possible to say "mockery" of a food. And it seems that this topic may soon become a separate category of creativity!

Awesome Photomanipulations by Cindy Grundsten

Along with creative photos and paintings photomanipulations become quite popular these days. But not each work is worthy for attention of wide audience. And today we want to show you something special – art works of Sweden digital artist Cindy Grundsten. Exept of high skills in Photoshop this girl has an unique feel of taste. Using various separate images she was able to create extraordinarily beautiful pictures that will impress your imagination. Enjoy!

Stunning Photomanipulations of Kassandra

There are a lot of various photomanipulations in Internet. And day after day their amount becomes bigger and bigger. But not all of them are worthy for the attention of wide audience. Because they’re not so qualitive or have weak execution. Artworks we’re going to show you are no such case. These amazing photomanipulations by talanted Ukrainian photographer Kassandra will blow your mind by their creativity. It’s even hard to find proper word to describe these art works. You have to look by yourself!