Stunning Landscapes by Matjaz Cater

You’ve probably seen a lot of stunning landscapes but landscapes featured in our today’s post are slightly different. And these spectacular photos differ by the fact that they were captured from a bird’s eye. Photographer from Slovenia Matjaz Cater shows the already beautiful landscapes from unusual angle and that makes them absolutely stunning. Take a look! And you will be amazed!

Lust For Love

Today we want to show you beautiful photoshoot made for Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia February 2011. Photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina have perfectly captured emotions and you can easily read full story from looking at these sensual pictures. Every photos is like a scene from a movie. So dont’s waste your time and watch this awesome film about love!

Beautiful Art Photos from Aleksey&Marina

With these beautiful and colorful photos we’ll make your day brighter. Created by talented art duet from Petersburg, Russia – Aleksey&Marina – that consist of photographer Aleksey Kozlov and designer Marina Khlebnikova. They specialize on art photos and aren’t limited with particular topics. In their portfolio you could find photos of animals, landscapes, and even art nude. But today we want to show you extremely beautiful photos of women. Interesting ideas and compositions, sweet girls and talented processing. Enjoy!

Professional Portraits by Metin Demiralay

Sensual and gentle photos of Metin Demiralay from Turkey will take you to the world of feelings. Metin is a professional in portrait shooting and a big fan of digital experiments. Beautiful ideas and perfect execution created by truly master. Each photowork will tell you its story and take your breath away. Enjoy!

Coloured Water

Great minds think alike. It’s an old truth. Some time ago we’ve shown you Colorful Emotions of Iain Crawford and this time we want represent photos with the similar idea created by young talanted photograph from Russia – Alena Nikiforova. In previous photoshoot photographer played with paint in air. She decided to play with various colors in water. Beautiful sensual girls and individually selected colors make these portraits unforgatable.

Photoshoot with Paper Cloth

Very original idea for photoshoot was developed by Alexandra Zaharova & Ilya Plotnikov from Doberman studio for Fashion magazine l’Officiel. These paper dresses are created in quite futuristic style and definetely have their own charm. It would be interesting to see these clothes not only on photos.

Clever Photoretouching from Beefactory

This time we want to inspire you by impressive works of retouching studio Beefactory from Belgium. Most well-known European photographers are using services of this studio. Their clever artworks make you think! We show you only small part of their works. You could find more on Beefactory website.

Stunning Photos from Angus Rowe MacPherson

Angus Rowe MacPherson – 30 year old talanted photographer from Canada and winner of many prestigious awards – meet with the world of photography in early childhood. At eleven he build a darkroom from one of the household bathrooms. In 2004 he moved to Toronto. Since then his main job is shooting for advertising and entertainment clients. It allows him to spend time and money for his own work. Take a look at his exellent photos and you’ll definitely understand why he is so famous and popular.

Fashion Trends vs Music Trends

American photographer danno created a pretty interesting photoshoot. He displayed a certain periods of 20-21 century using a combination of fashion and music. Models dressed in clothes that were trandy at a certain time, and they are corresponded to the broken parts of music discs, plates etc. The only thing I would like to know is why they are broken.

Creative Artworks of Romain Laurent

Delightful artworks of French photo-designer Romain Laurent. Fresh, original photos, interesting ideas and a deep sense – that’s what distinguishes photos of Romain Laurent. We’ve included in the collection the latest, recently created photo session of this photographer – about people who are not afraid to walk under the slope and have their own opinions.

Colorful Emotions of Iain Crawford

Todays post represent you beautiful photos from Iain Crawford’s – english photographer – portfolio. Iain specialize in advertising and beauty photography. His photo are full of energy, color and emotion. Get an inspiration from these incredible shots!

Silver Series

This series of photos named Silver Series and was created by fashion photographer Richard Warren. He combined his interst in typeface with unlikely juxtopsition of the female form and associating the beaty of each in a silver chromatic expirience. Very impressive photosession.

Photosession with Aliens

Amazing photoproject which was inspired by the motives of the movie "Aliens". By their dynamics, light, passion photos are bright, with a sense of humor, and memorable in the minds of viewers. Created by russian photograph Andrey Razoomovsky.