Industrial Beer Bottle Lamp

Today we want to show you really exiting table lamp. This lamp is a truly unique lighting solution with many applications. The LED lights brilliantly illuminate the brewery bottles. The lamp is highly adaptable as it is designed to stand in two different positions. A faucet switch can be rotated to turn the light on and off. This lamp is constructed from industrial style black iron piping. The repurposed bottles are firmly secured by custom rubber gaskets that grasp the bottle without causing damage to the antique bottle. A low wattage LED is easy for anyone to change. Power is supplied by a premium cloth covered cord. Like it? You can purchase it for $225 on Etsy.

Pipe Glass by Sebastian Bergne

It seems like pipe inspires designers for creation different objects for everyday usage. Do you remember Pipe Chair that we’ve shown you some time ago? This time we want to show you Pipe Glass designed by London-based Sebastian Bergne. This drinking vessel is an experimental piece that challenges the typology of a glass, while capturing the spirit of an old habit. Have fun!

Creative Pipe Chair by Yaroslav Rassadin

Designers get inspiration from various and sometimes wierd things. For example, the following Pipe Chair was obviously was inspired by a pipe. This creative chair was designed by Russian industrial designer Yaroslav Rassadin. Being a part of Yaroslav’s series of furniture called “Stream”, the Pipe Chair has a form that imitates the classic form of a pipe. It’s coated with soft surfaces and keeping all ergonomic standards. The Pipe Chair hasn’t been produced yet and it’s still a concept. Take a look!

Mechanical Table Lamps by Kozo

If you remember mechanical desk lamps that we’ve shown you long time ago then you will enjoy similar table lamps created by the same manufacturer. UK company Kozo produces table lamps that feature an innovative base made from galvanized iron pipes and fittings – inspired by waterworks, and complete with a charming faucet-handle for its on/off switch. You can bought these interesting and unusual table lamps by visiting Kozo. Have fun!

Mechanical Lamp

Couldn’t find the propper lamp for your desk in shops? There is always a choice! Just grab a piece of pipe, lamp holder, a pair of cranes and create an excellent lamp …