Small And Beautiful Private Plane AKOYA

LISA Airplanes has unveiled AKOYA, a small private plane that can land on water, snow, and land. When it arrives at its destination, the aircraft’s wings can be folded in an instant, enabling it to be stored in a garage. The project was developed by a small team in the heart of the French Alps. The specifications were more than ambitious: the aim was to create an ‘all-terrain’ aircraft that performs well and is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and easy to fly. One of the AKOYA’s many features is the use of ‘Seafoil,’ a patented technology developed by LISA Airplanes that enables the aircraft to take off from water. AKOYA also features retractable landing gear, fitted with wheels and skis, enabling the pilot to land on both snow and land.

Two-Seater Personal Seaplane by ICON

Seaplanes have been around for decades as a mode of transportation for people that live on islands, or for tourists sightseeing near places surrounded by water. But in recent years, they’ve been getting a lot more fun, thanks to companies like ICON, that have designed a personal seaplane, making them much more accessible to the average person. You can even store them in a garage and take them on road trips by towing the plane on a trailer. Once unloaded from the trailer, the wings fold out and lock into place, becoming the plane. Inside, there’s enough room for two people, with all the controls you expect to find in a regular plane. The plane can reach speeds of up to 109 miles per hour (176 km/h). Of course you need to be trained to fly seaplanes, and ICON has a training school for that.

Totally Wild Argodesign’s Drone Ambulance

The “Drone ambulance” concept from design firm Argodesign for Fastcodesign’s body week initiative, visualizes how emergency services can be made faster in our congested, urban environments. Acting to reduce an estimated 1,000 “saveable” lives that are lost due to slow accident response times, the one-person vehicle which is modeled after a standard quadcopter, would be driven by GPS, an aviator or a mixture of both. This idea would enable a single pilot to control a whole fleet remotely, and to take over the manual controls for difficult takeoffs and landings. The drone would be able to land almost anywhere at the scene, thanks to its footprint which is the size of a compact car, so that a patient could be loaded up and then flown back to hospital for further treatment.

Top 10 Most Luxurious Airlines

The service quality of flights tends to differ exponentially from one carrier to another. Not all flights offer the same level of amenities and it is not uncommon to have a negative experience aboard a certain flight. Your departure might get delayed or even calcelled. Marek Janetzke, Managing Director of, says: “Airlines mostly leave their passengers without any information about it or even negate that their customers are entitled to compensation.” You could wind up sitting next to a person who is not at all in the mood to share his armrest. Another frequent problem that most of you will experience at one point or another is the passenger right in front of you who won’t stop tilting his seat into your knees. These sorts of scenarios are commonplace in the economy class section of a flight, but head a little further beyond the curtain and a whole new world awaits you – First Class.

Electric Airplane “Panthera” by Pipstrel

The Pipistrel Panthera 4-seater aircraft has been unveiled at the Aero Expo in Freidrichshafen, Germany.This compact plane can zoom in the skies at 200 knots of speed, but consuming 41% less fuel as compared to anything within the competing league. It can be ordered with a standard, albeit highly efficient, gas engine. But it’s also available in an all-electric model, which can cover a distance of 400 km on a single charge and is supported by the state-of-the-art battery system for the environmentally conscious high-flyers. Besides a slick streamlined design, the inside of the Panthera includes generously sized touchscreen aviation instruments, front seats that look like they were lifted from a luxury sports car, and extra wide back seats for added passenger comfort. There’s also plenty of storage space for luggage.

Helicopter Concept by Héctor Del Amo

The shape of concept of helicopter creared by Spanish designer Héctor Del Amo resembles the zero. Hence it’s called ZERO. This model should serve as a personal urban transport. Quite intersting solution considering size of urban congestion. Take a look!

Dramatic “Crash Series” by Jonathan Wateridge

Created by London based artist Jonathan Wateridge “Crash Series” consist of seven huge (up to 2m x 3m) oil paintings depicting scenes of crashed air planes and ships. Extremely realistic paintings show dramatic contrast of live nature and dead mechanisms. After reviewing the masterpices the only one thought come to mind “why so few?”….

Stylish and Timeless Wooden Toys

Famous Scandinavian design company Playsam firmly believe that opposites attract. That’s why their toys can be characterized as classic and contemporary, simple and sophisticated at the same time. Playsam creates innovative and timeless wooden toys for the young and young at heart. These are not only toys but piece of art and could be a present for children and business gift. If you like such exclusive toys don’t forget to check Extremely Stylish Zeitgeist Toys.

SAI Quiet Supersonic Transport

Aviation consortium Supersonic Aerospace International (SAI), based in Nevada, USA, is developing a supersonic aircraft called Quiet Supersonic Transport (QSST). This 12-seat business jet aircraft with two engines will move at speeds of Mach 1.6 to 1.8. SAI has invited engine proposals from General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce. As expected engines will be selected in 2010, first flight will be held in 2014, and aircraft can be bought in 2016. Price for such luxury will be about $80 million.