Photo Journey Through The Poland

On the pages of our website you’ve already traveled through such beautiful countries as Italy, Slovenia and Greece. And this time we want to invite you to the journey through Poland. Poland is a country in central Europe with magnificent nature, old cities and rich history. Jump into the post and you will see this beautiful country from different angles and perhaps your next journey will be to Poland.

Stunningly Beautiful World of Michał Karcz

To describe art photos of Michał Karcz from Poland you would find only excellent epithets. His art works bewitch and you, amazed by their greatness, loose the ability to think rational. You can just watch and feel the art inside you. Taking his inspiration from music Michał creates stunningly beautiful world with dark breathtaking landscapes. This is world you should definitely visit! And also you should check 25 Most Beautiful Places in the World.

Sculptural Photography

This wonderful series “Sculptural Photography” was created by Polish artists and photographers Szymon Roginski and Kasia Korzeniecka for spring-summer collection of fashion designer Ania Kuczynska. To create such unusual works you have to cut the picture into pieces, and then compile it into a three-dimensional space, and again photograph it. Interesting non-standard solution.