Red Rocks Residence – Modern Mountain House With a Pool

Designed by “The Ranch Mine” an award-winning husband and wife led architecture firm based in Phoenix, Arizona, this spectacular residence clings to the side of a camelback mountain. The Red Rocks House has over 2000 square feet of shaded exterior patios, extending the living of the house in every direction and providing shade for the interior spaces. Across the house there are several bi-folding custom steel screens that help shield the deck from the harsh desert sun while still allowing the breeze to come through but can be folded aside at dusk to take in the famous Arizona sunsets. And we recommend you to check Ultra-Modern House In Norwegian Mountains.

Barrington House – Minimalist House with Grass Roof

Sunken into a Brentwood hillside, the Barrington House by Eric Rosen Architects is a geometric marvel. The structure is comprised of multiple polygons buried in the sloped terrain. Covered with a grass roof, the three-story home is nearly undetectable from the front. Its asymmetrical form follows the contour of the site, opening the rear to surrounding landscape. Made of board-formed concrete, metal, and glass, the interior adopts an unconventional Z shape. The top level houses the main living area and the bedrooms are below. Each level extends out to generous outdoor spaces including a poolside terrace with views of downtown Los Angeles. Here is another interesting project – Modern House In Costa Rica.

Kangaroo’s Gigantic Cockroach Raft

Finding a bug floating around in the swimming pool is bad enough, but finding a six-foot cockroach bobbing about in the water is something else entirely. Take a look at the ф. It’s perfect for people who like to swim alone. After all, chances are that most people will scatter like, well, roaches, as soon as you and your inflatable insect arrive in the pool. Like it? You can but it here.

Relax In The Dry Pool

Starpool, a company that designs spas, collaborated with Neocogita, a brain wellness research company, to create a bed that allows you to feel like you’re floating. Known as a dry bed or pool, it’s essentially a heated waterbed that offers the benefits of immersion tanks, eliminating your body weight, without the need of having to get wet. During the floating experience, the body stops regulating body temperature and gravitational structure. The body is then free to produce endorphins, which inhibit the transmission of pain signals in the body and sometimes produce a feeling of euphoria. Listening to specially designed meditation sessions by NU RELAX, allows you to feel complete calmness. Named Zerobody , it has been designed by Cristiano Mino, and is a minimalist, upholstered design, intended for workplaces and spas. There’s even the option to choose what color you want to surround you.

Pool House Built With a Curved Concrete Shell

42mm Architecture were asked by their clients to create an extension to their home in New Delhi, India, that would include a home theatre, lounge, pool area, changing room and gym. The architects decided to create a variety of buildings that would house their clients various requests. There are two building, one for the gym and changing area, and another that has a lounge and home theater. The lower buildings have been designed with a curved concrete shell. The concrete continues inside, with the floor being a polished concrete finish. A curved wooden feature wall defines the lounge area. A small bar area is also included in the lounge. Joining the two sides of the building is a wooden wall, with a large entrance way. On the other side of the building is the home theater, with a large sofa. All sides of the building provide views of the surrounding outdoor spaces. Another feature wall is present in the theater room, with this wooden element becoming a floating media center. A separate building is home to a gym that overlooks the pool, and also a change room beneath the gym.

Embassy Gardens Sky Pool in London

The pool forms part of the Embassy Gardens Legacy Building, a project commissioned by developers Ballymore who selected HAL Architects to work alongside Arup associates as engineers, Camlins as landscapers and Luis Bustamante to work on the scheme’s interiors. The remainder of the 2,000-unit complex will include a “working from home” business area, a gym and a rooftop bar. The transparent swimming pool will be 90 feet long, connecting two of the structures within the Embassy Gardens apartment complex, all while being suspended 10 stories (about 115 feet) in the air. The glass-bottomed pool will be nearly 10 feet deep, 19 feet wide and allow residents the ability to swim back and forth (or use the walkway) to visit the building’s rooftop bar, spa and orangery – all while enjoying those beautiful views The buildings will start on site in the summer of 2015 with the first completions due in 2017.

Filotto Crystal Pool Table by Adriano Design

Filotto Crystal Pool Table by Adriano Design for Calma e Gesso, looking light as air, effortlessly supports 750kg of solid slate with a clever thin steel frame, in a design solution so unique, it involves multiple patents. Created as the first product for new Italian luxury brand, Calma e Gesso. Adriano Design, based in Turin, Italy and founded in 1997 by brothers Davide and Gabriele Adriano, has generated 54 design process-driven patents and counting. You can see this Crystal Pool Table at Milan Design Week, 8-13 Apr 2014.

Swimming Pool Shaped as a Stradivarius Violin

In the world of music in general and violins in particular, the name Stradivarius is sacred and revered. And here is a homeowner who has showcased his love for the 1700s era Stradivarius violin in a whole different fashion. This violin-shaped swimming pool is perfect replica of the Stradivarius and was built with great care and precision by the folk at Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming Pools. Complete with f-holes, a bridge, strings, a tailpiece, and a chin rest, the replica pool is as close to the real thing as possible. Great, huh?