Robin Wood Disappearing Animals

Robin Wood is a nationwide nonviolent action group in Germany focusing on environmental activism around climate, energy, forests, mobility. The Robin Wood Disappearing Animals advertising campaign developed at Grabarz & Partner, featuring three disappearing animals, a deer, capuchin monkey and polar bear affected by habitat destruction, has won Gold for illustration at the 2016 Clio Awards. A polar bear’s back is eaten away by the effects of deep sea oil rigs and refineries on melting ice caps. A deer’s back is eaten away by deforestation. A capuchin monkey’s back is eaten away by forest fires. “Destroying nature is destroying life”, is connected with forest fires, deforestation and melting ice caps. The photo-realistic illustration style, the 3D presentation and the wealth of information provided highlight the various causes of the decimation of the animal kingdom. If we destroy nature, we destroy life. The photo-realistic illustration style, the 3D presentation and the wealth of information provided highlight the various causes of the decimation of the animal kingdom. If we destroy nature, we destroy life.

‘3D Printed’ Animals Illustrate The Irreplaceable Nature Of Endangered Species

As part of a campaign for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Young & Rubicam Paris has realized a series of images that depicts the irreplaceable and irreversible aspects of killing wildlife. The advertisements aim to draw a comparison between technologies that can easily build and construct matter, like 3D-printing, and the fragility of animal life – a condition not as easily reparable as a broken household object. The digital compositions illustrate three animals – an elephant, whale and orangutan – with parts of their bodies exposed to view. Above their bodies, a 3D-printer seemingly attempts to build new layers of skeletal matter, acting a subtle symbol of the impossibility of this situation. Accompanying text reads “if only they were this easy to reproduce”, a simple yet powerful message that underscores the idea that the loss of wildlife is an irrevocable act with permanent consequences.

Clear Channel: Where Brands Meet People

This amazing project is the work of Athens-based Charis Tsevis for Clear Channel, one of the world’s leading outdoor advertising companies. For this campaign in Switzerland, Tsevis used the logos of a whole bunch of companies and managed to make them come together as stunning mosaic portraits. From a distance, you’d never guess that these expressive faces were made up from words and logos, but look closer and you may just recognize some of your favorite brands.

BMW Advertising – 1350 Grams of Protection

Today we want to show you really creative example of advertising posters. Based at Mexico city, Publicis Worldwide provides strategic creative and digital ideas helping clients to Lead the Change and to succeed in their own digital transformation. They have come up with BMW safety campaign for motorists titled as, “1350 grams of protection”. The advert shows motorists having a hairstyle according to their class of helmet.

Famous Self-Portrait Paintings Imagined as Selfies for Samsung Ad

This is a series of three famous self portraits (Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and Albrecht Dürer) reimagined as selfies to advertise Samsung’s new Samsung NX mini camera. The NX mini camera has a 3-inch, forward-facing, flip-up screen because it’s important your vanity gets the respect it deserves. The tag-line is “For self-portraits. Not selfies.” The campaign was created by ad agency Leo Burnett Switzerland.

Diesel Footwear Help

Diesel Footwear in Spain is running a print and online campaign using a mock public service campaign featuring hipsters, selfie addicts and vintage victims. The Diesel brand is known for maverick approaches to advertising, and this new Fall-Winter 2014-2015 campaign is no exception. Trend setters struggle to stay on the forefront of fashion as what once was considered avant garde becomes absorbed by the mainstream.

Video Game History Through Controllers

Madrid based artist Javier Laspiur has created Controllers, a nostalgic photo series that show his video game history through controllers. The dates shown on each poster represent the year that he first started playing the console or handheld device.

KamaSurra – To End the Police Abuse during Street Protests in Brazil

Today we want to show you interesting project called KamaSurra and made by Gabriel Morais together with Renato Botelho and Bruno Pereira. The project aims to raise awareness on a serious social issue in Brazil: the violent and illegal behave police officers have been showing against innocent people during peaceful street protests. KamaSurra it’s a series of posters based on the original positions of Kama Sutra, but instead of portraying couples making love, we see policemen spreading hate, while abusing innocent citizens. The illustrations portraits real events seem on street protests that have been taken place in Brazil since the beginning of 2013.

Incredible Superhero Beards

Trimming your beard can be a chore, but styling your beard can be magical and heroic if you learn the lessons from Braun. In a recent advertising campaign Braun showcased the performance of the Braun Cruzer Beard Trimmer lineup by styling beards in Superhero Logo Styles. Amazing beards showing off Superman’s S, the Spiderman Spider, and Batman’s Bat Logo appeared on the faces of the selected men. Even more incredible is the lessons Braun shares on their websites teaching men how to style and trim their own beards for added impact and even how to optimize their beard to match their face size. Braun is turning the world of men’s beards into a creative playground.

Minimal Movie Posters by Chungkong

Chungkong is a Netherlands based designer who creates really cool movie posters. His posters stand out for a simple and humorous language, demonstrating great ingenuity and imagination, he strips the subjects down to their bare bones and brings them to life in vibrant and playful designs, covering a variety of subjects from cult movies, geek art, books and sports. His cool minimal movie poster collection now features over 300 titles, so you’re bound to find your favorite flick. Interested? You can buy any poster from here.

“Words Kill Wars” Adot Ad Campaign

Today we want to show you an excellent advertising campaign by Ogilvy & Mather Japan for Adot, an organization which fights against the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine. By juxtaposing two choices of weapons, violent ones on the left and peaceful ones on the right, this series of diptychs pass on a compelling message: words kill wars. Take a look!

Vintage Blueprints for Famous Inventions

Oliver Gal’s artists have done an amazing job of recreating the authentic blueprint applications of a number of world-changing products, from the Harley motorcycle and the revolver, to the surfboard and Gibson guitar. Check out the baseball bat from 1885, the cork extractor patent from 1930, or the blueprint for the bicycle form 1890. Frame it, put it on your wall, and you’ve got a piece of art, history lesson, and motivational poster all in one. If you want to add some extraordinary posters to your walls then you can but them here.