Cheerful Rainbow Inspired Photos

What do you think about a good portion of art inspiration? Today we want to lift your mood and inspiration by the collection of creative, beautiful and positive photos united by one single theme: rainbow. Such collection won’t be only inspirational but for sure it will force you to look at the world with hope. As you know in order to see the rainbow, you must first endure the rain! Enjoy!

Rainbow Book Chair by Chen Liu

This Rainbow Book Chair was designed by Chen Liu. “This low chair was designed for library, the colors may vary to fit the different interior atmosphere. The concept is playing with the original element of a book – pages, layers and the action of ‘open’. Chen played with the scale of the book and cut the pages to create positive and negative shape in two sides to fit the body. In terms of material, she chose yoga mat as a prototype, felt would be another choice in this case.”