Unique Wood And Resin Jewellery

Today we wany to share with you unique wood and resin jewellery by Tor Johansson from ArtfulResin. “I grew up in a rural part of Norway surrounded by forests, mountains and lakes. I spent my formative years playing outside and enjoying nature. It became a part of my soul. I trained as a carpenter, but after moving to England I went on to do various “office” jobs. I had a burning desire inside to do something of my own – to create something, to bring nature back into my life. I started with making tables, but in the end it felt as though I was working on a production line. Then, more recently, I started turning pens. I enjoyed this, but on one of my trips to the wood shop, I came across a gorgeous piece of spiky burl wood. I fell for it, hook, line and sinker. The rugged texture and gorgeous colour of the wood reminded me of the Norwegian landscape. I knew I had to create something stunning with it. And so ArtfulResin was born. I started making burl wood and resin pendants. I take inspiration from the gorgeous nature that was all around me while I was growing up as well as creating pieces that imitate the stunning aurora borealis. I create pieces of jewellery that captures a bit of the natural world and allows you to carry it with you.” Take a look! And don’t forget to check Miniature Worlds Inside Wooden Rings By Secret Wood.

Lagoon Tables Created By Merging Resin With Cut Travertine Marble

Designer Alexandre Chapelin of LA Table designed this intriguing series of three tables he refers to as Lagoon Tables. Each table is formed from a carved travertine base to which he adheres a special resin that forms volumes of water that appear to slice through each piece. The tables are undoubtedly influenced by Chapelin’s immediate surroundings on the small Caribbean island of Saint Martin where his studio is based.