Ice Q Mountain Restaurant from James Bond film Spectre

Set atop a 3,000 meter-high peak in Sölden, the Ice Q Mountain Restaurant is perhaps the world’s most famous eatery not known for its food. Instead, its claim to fame came as a filming location for the James Bond film Spectre, in which it served as a futuristic hospital. Unlike in the film, it’s an ideal place to enjoy a martini or a full meal in the gourmet restaurant, lined with walls of glass so as to not spoil the views of the surrounding Ötztal Alps. Alps features lost of interesting restaurants, for example Oberholz Mountain Hut in Italian Alps.

UNDER: Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant

Snøhetta is designing Europe’s first underwater restaurant in Norway, which will let you dine on the seabed. Dubbed ‘Under‘, the concrete capsule-like structure will be built at the southernmost part of Norway, close to the village of Båly. The monolithic structure will be half anchored on the land, as if it’s slipping into the sea. Snøhetta’s Under will be set over three levels. Visitors to the building will start at the tidal pool level, before descending a floor into the champagne bar, which marks the division between the shoreline and the ocean, visible through a vertical window opening. Its subdued colour scheme is inspired by the muted shades of rocks and sand. The restaurant will have the space to fit up to 100 guests, resting on the seabed 5 metres below the water surface. “More than an aquarium, the structure will become a part of its marine environment, coming to rest directly on the sea bed five meters below the water’s surface,” Snøhetta writes. “Like a sunken periscope, the restaurant’s massive acrylic windows offer a view of the seabed as it changes throughout the seasons and varying weather conditions.” Snøhetta hopes to begin construction next year, with the goal of opening in 2019. So, it has all chances to be one of the most unusual restaurants of the world.

Modern Mountain Restaurant In The Italian Alps

The “Oberholz Mountain Hut” is a restaurant and lounge facility which protrudes out from the Italian Dolomites at 2,000 m above sea level. The scheme, which won a competition back in 2015, is designed by Milan-based firm Peter Pichler Architecture and Pavol Mikolajcak. Now completed, the new mountain hut provides a restaurant destination located next to the Oberholzcable station with direct connection to the snow-covered ski slopes. Peter Pichler Architecture and Pavol Mikolajcak created a main cantilevering structure that seemingly “grows” out of the steep terrain to reference a fallen tree. This metaphor is explored with the structure being divided into three main “branches”. Inside, these branches double as house-shaped tunnels that have been divided into three dining areas; each perfectly framing a picturesque view of the mountain landscape. The hut’s interiors follow the material expression of the exterior which has been constructed all in wood: structural elements and interior in spruce, the façade in larch, furniture in oak – all typical timbers from the area. The exposed truss system of the ceiling creates a dynamic visual expression and directs attention to the sloping roof structure which gradually dissolves into the walls. In turn, this has created “pockets” for more intimate spaces in the main restaurant and lounge area. Located by the entrance is a bar which opens out to a sprawling outdoor terrace and the journey continues into the restaurant. The project embraces the local architecture recognized in the area and this inherently expresses a contemporary interpretation of the classic mountain hut.

12 Of The Most Unusual Restaurants You Must Visit!

The world is a pretty bizarre place full of weird stuff. From fascinating creatures to splendid architecture and amazing routes…there are so many places to explore! The trick is to be unique, and it seems as if even the hotel business has adopted the same philosophy. With the many innovative and unconventional restaurants popping up everywhere, hotels are no longer just places where you get good food it now aims at offering customers something different and entertaining. Tired of the formal and sophisticated restaurants in your city? Check out the top 12 unusual restaurants around the world that you must visit!

The Restaurant Designed Like A Floating Nest

Surrounded entirely by water and seeming to float right on its surface, this special seating space is one of the three restaurants at the  Mar Adentro Hotel , designed by Miguel Ángel Aragonés, in San José del Cabo, Mexico. The name “Nido,” which in English translates to “nest,” is well suited for the restaurant. The design is inspired by that of a twig nest you’d be likely to find in nature. A network of walkways around the restaurant connect the pool, hotel, and restaurant to each other, making it a dramatic journey to travel from one place to the next. Sitting below the water level surrounding it, the restaurant has a minimal interior with white chairs, bar tables, lounges, and a long, centrally located table running the length of it. At night, lights around the perimeter of the restaurant come on and cast a soft glow through the woven roof to create an otherworldly look and emphasize its floating appearance.

Heart Stopping Restaurant over Copper Canyon

Mexican architecture firm Tall Arquitectos just released some renderings of Bire Bitori, the heart stopping cliff side restaurant and cocktail lounge. The concept embeds the establishment within the rock face of the heart-stopping landscape high above Mexico’s Copper Canyon, quite literally altering the “atmosphere” of the dining experience. If that wasn’t enough, the rendering proposes including a glass bottom to the dining room floor. While not for the faint of heart, the cantilevered restaurant would provide world class panoramic views of the canyon surrounding the building and the famous Basaseachic Falls. This place will be excellent for the brave ones and for those who love to experience the beauty of the Canyon from this point.

Restaurant “Bibo” Filled With Street Art

Branding and design firm Substance, have designed Bibo, a French fine dining restaurant in Hong Kong, that goes by the same name as the street artist behind it. “French fine dining is brought to street level in Hong Kong at Bibo. Serving up a modern take on classic French cuisine, wines of merit and back-to-the-roots cocktails, Bibo is a passion project that gives a nod to bohemian lifestyle. It is a concept that redefines understated luxury. The ongoing and ever changing project is an international first that sees a collaboration of the world’s most renowned contemporary and street artists together in one space. From installations by Vhils, Invader, JonOne, Stohead, Kaws, JR, Mr Brainwash, Ella & Pitr, Mist, MadC to hangings and works by Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Damien Hirst, Daniel Arsham, Jeff Koons, King of Kowloon, Shepard Fairey, Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama to name a few, this pioneering project is set to open minds to a new way of eating and of seeing art. “Bibo is a space that I had never seen before; I wanted to see it but couldn’t find it anywhere. It’s a vision that passion has brought to reality,” says Bibo, a discrete person behind the project.”

Industrial Styled Publikus Restaurant in Budapest

Todaye we want to show you industrial restaurant located in Budapest, Hungary and designed by Minusplus. “In their newest project, our longtime customers, Ádám Gögge and Zoltán Horváth sought to channel the already well-known cozy speediness of streetfood into a more serious, seated restaurant atmosphere. The joint design process started out along these demands at the new Kecskeméti Street location, which proved to be a newer and bigger task in terms of the proportion of the place and service capacities as well. Instead of sandwiches and pasta, here the hungry public of the city center can have two-three course meals for lunch and for dinner. The breezy, spacious and clean premises not only allow the guests to appreciate the architectural values of the place, but, completed with the decoration on the walls, one can also get a taste of the engaging effervescence truly essential to the Budapest experience.”

30 Best Free Restaurant Templates and Themes

Today we want to represent to your attention another great collection of free website templates. This time we’ve gathered the best restaurant HTML5 templates, the best restaurant WordPress themes and the best ready-to-use restaurants HTML5 websites. So if you’re looking for interesting and creative website templates to launch a website for your restaurant then this collection will surely come in handy. So, if you don’t want to use free website builders here you’ll find restaurant website templates created by different designers and in different styles, for restaurants of classic cuisine and for Japanese or Mexican restaurants. All you need to do is to review the whole collection, choose a template that will meet your expectations, download it and launch your website! Good luck!

Shustov Brandy Bar by Denis Belenko Design Band

Denis Belenko Design Band have created the Shustov Brandy Bar for the Brandy Factory, located in Odessa, Ukraine. The walls are made from barrels, the ceiling is made from brandy bottles and the table tops are made from reclaimed barrel oak.

Apollo 70 Airstream Bar

Apollo 70 Airstream Bar is an airstream trailer that has been completely transformed into a mobile bar. Team at Apollo 70 rent the Airstream out to anyone for events. The bar on wheels comes complete with a fully stocked bar, televisions, and a courteous staff to ensure all of your guest’s are properly taken care of. Not only does this bar offer up locally sourced craft beers and cocktails, but can also transform into a full-fledged food truck, serving everything from the finest Belgium chocolates to gourmet street food.

Restaurant Le Nid in Nantes

Le Nid “the nest” is a whimsical themed bar located in Nantes, France. Designed by Graphic Designer Jean Jullien it was his first 3D project. Literally translating to “The Nest,” the combination of whimsical details and a scenic view overlooking the city of Nantes guarantee that we will all be flocking to Le Nid. For everyone who can get to Nantes from now on, be sure you do not miss Le Nid!

Farma Kreaton by Minas Kosmidis

The following creative the “Farma Kreaton” restaurant in Komotini, Greece was created by Greek architect Minas Kosmidis. “Restaurant “Farma Kreaton” is located at the back yard of a two-storey building at the centre of Komotini in Greece, and is the direct extension of the “Fabrica Kreaton” restaurant. The main goal of this project was the creation of a scenic that brings to mind an actual farm. At this particular farm the imaginary, which is represented by the fairy-like digital printings, and the real, which is represented by the users-clients, co-exist. The “farma” abounds with elements such as forms of the domestic animals, materials in their initial form, proximity and comfort, with apparent features from the countryside ecologically approached.”

Brand Identity for Balzac Brasserie

Today we want to show you stylish brand identity for a authentic French restaurant in Singapore made by design studio Bravo. “Concept of the brand is based loosely on French novelist and playwright Honoré de Balzac. A quill and inkwell make up the icon of the logo. We handpicked a few of Balzac’s amusing quotes, those with references to food and beverages, and placed them around the interior of the restaurant in appropriate typographical treatment. We’ve also created a couple of posters inspired by Balzac’s novels to play up the concept.” As a result we see awesome interior. Especially interesting looks typography on the wall. Check it out and comment!

Cube Tube by Sako Architects

The “Cube Tube” office and restaurant building was developed by Sako Architects within the economic development zone of Jinhua, China. “Contrasting the style of the existing context, a fenestration pattern of varied squares surfaces the main cubic volume and adjacent linear block, generating their respective names, “cube” and “tube”. The nine storey’s of the square structure are intersected with a vertical succession of criss-crossed corridors which terminate as open-air terraces overlooking the landscape. the configuration introduces light and breezes into the internal core while allowing a divided working space with an airy atmosphere.” Take a look!

Alice of Magic World by Fantastic Design Works

Japanese design studio Fantastic Design Works created fairytale interior of Alice in Wonderland restaurant inspired by the Lewis Carroll classic. Restaurant features several different “rooms” and each of them is an imaginative combination of psychedelic decorations, dramatic designs and waitresses dressed in Alice costumes. “We wanted to give guests excitement and surprise, like an unreal world with various wonderlands,” explains designer Eiichi Maruyama. Located in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district it is the fourth Alice in Wonderland-themed restaurant owned by its restaurant group.

Exciting Twister Restaurant by Makhno Workshop

The designer duo Sergey Makhno and Vasily Butenko from Makhno Workshop created exciting interior of Twister Restaurant which newly opened in Kiev, Ukraine. It looks like a nest with its warm colors and walls covered with thatched sticks. The project features a double-height restaurant, with curving booths on stilts above the regular dining furniture below. The drop-shaped lamps are intended to represent rain.

Branding for Argentinean Restaurant Möoi

Let us show you a very interesting work on branding for beautiful restaurant Möoi located into Belgrano town, Buenos Aires. The brand elements, graphic design, packaging and industrial design were created by design studio SeventhDesign from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The design of restaurant is different and it was hard enough to do such work. But SeventhDesign did their best to create extremely stylish and creative brand.

Lacy Interior of Chinese Restaurant Beijing Noodle No. 9

At the entrance to the modern Chinese restaurant Beijing Noodle No. 9 located in a huge hotel in Las Vegas, you will be met by a huge aquariums with fishes. Further you’ll see an unusually delicate and lacy interior created by Japanese design studio Design Spirits Company, Ltd. Usually interior consists of various internal components, materials, backgrounds. In this project the number of elements of decor is minimal: was used only one background – floral patterns made of steel and painted with white. Due to this, by a conviction of designers, was achieved tranquility of the atmosphere in the heart of Las Vegas. Through using the thought-out lighting shadows of the patterned walls and ceilings are falling on tables and floor and thus creates the integrity of the interior and complete the overall impression.

Meet at Wooden Waves

Small restaurant Banq in Boston is located in the premises of old bank, but it is not its only feature. Its interior design was developed by company Office dA. And they done their job perfectly! Walls, ceilings and columns are made of wood and in the form of waves. Waves are everywhere. Perfectly matched furniture creates a sense of luxury and at the same time lightness. There is nothing superfluous, it seems luxurious and cozy. I think to dine in such a place is really nice.