Corporate Identity for Liverpool English Pub

This gorgeous logo and corporate identity were created by advertisign agency Reynolds and Reyner for the Liverpool English Pub in Ukraine. “While working on project it was very important to show the connection between our brand and traditional England. Especially with its famous town – Liverpool. That’s why we’ve started from analysis of history and key elements of town’s name and logo.”

Sparkling Wine Collections “Colier”

Every limited edition pieces have spectacular design. But some of them are worthy for additional attention. “Colier” is a limited edition of sparkling wine targeted to business women. And design of its package is stunning. It was created by united team of two designers from Ukraine – Reynolds and Reyner. There are exist two variants of design: 23 luxury sets “Brut” which consist of bottle and presentation box and 5 premium sets “Vintage Brut” which consist of handmade bottle and cocoon container. Cocoon container is also interesting. All the weight is focused in its bottom part that’s why it don’t turn upside down. And it also keeps cold inside before opening. So as a present champagne “Colier” will be unforgetable!