Casa Mirador in the Chilean Coast

With a panoramic views to the distant cliffs of the south Pacific and the Chilean coast located in Valparaiso, Victor Gubbins Browne of Gubbins Arquitectos created “Casa Mirador”, a residence that is a paean to the iconic villa Savoye by Le Corbusier- in which the Chilean architect visited during his childhood. The modernist structure is actually their holiday home, comprised heavily of concrete, it is a tribute to the French architect and brutal buildings built during the sixties and seventies. Rising above the ground, it is seemingly supported by a single, smaller volume at its base, while generating symmetrical cantilevered areas. The structure is aimed to appreciate its location, and context, despite its dominant form. The double-height main area is entered through a ramp, where a large meeting space connected to two terraces opens out to the sea and the countryside. Simultaneously, a spiral staircase leads up to a roof terrace and as a whole, because of its prominent location and architecture, Casa Mirador can be spotted from far away from the countryside and coastline.

Wilkinson Residence by Robert Oshatz

Portland-based architect Robert Oshatz is the author of unique projects located around the American west that hold a striking relationship to their natural surroundings. One of them, the “Wilkinson Residence” is located on a steep slope in a heavily wooded area. "The main living space is located higher up on the site residing amidst the tree canopies and accompanying wildlife and contains the kitchen, dining room, gathering area, built in fixtures and fireplace all within curving natural wood glulam beams, copper-plated frames and large glass walls that use the exterior foliage as a screen from direct sunlight and a large exterior deck that brings the user in direct contact with the tree-scape. The lower floor is characterized by cedar shingles that clad all surfaces, and contains three bedrooms and a bathroom. although it is a darker space, it is an area for privacy where views to the lower parts of the forest are framed by the deep fins between the windows. The material palette is not confined to either exterior or interior, as they often blend around and throughout the spaces creating a balanced structure in harmony with the natural surroundings. Special attention was given to the sustainable features of the construction, plenty of ventilation and radiant heating maintain a comfortable internal temperature and air quality with low-E glass reflecting direct sunlight. The owner is at all times engulfed by the Douglas firs, maples, and alders in a house consistent with the rhythms of the forest."