Awesome Robot Spider Chases The Sun To Look After Its Succulent

Chinese roboticist and entrepreneur Sun Tianqi has hacked a six-legged robot to carry and look after a potted plant on its back. The six-legged HEXA seeks out the suns when needed, retreats to the shade when it has had enough, and even performs a little dance to let you know it needs water. HEXA, which is developed by Tianqi’s robotics company Vincross, is equipped with infrared and a 720p camera with nightvision. Each leg is equipped with three motors and the robo-plant hybrid has 19 servos overall. the build is custom, with a unique dual-layer ‘flower pot’ replacing HEXA’s plastic shell. Ttianqi described the project outlined the project which he calls “sharing human technology with plants” in a forum post last year. Tianqi says the project was inspired by a dead sunflower which he saw sat in a shadow of an exhibition. “I thought, if it could move a little bit, take a 30-feet walk out of the shadow to where the other sunflowers were, it would have lived healthily,” Tianqi explains. “Plants are passive. Eternally, inexplicably passive. No matter if they are being cut, bitten, burned or pulled from the earth, or when they lack sunshine, water, or are too hot or cold, they will hold still and take whatever is happening to them. They have the fewest degrees of freedom among all the creatures in nature. This is simply the default setting that nature gives to plants .”

BIKI – The First Bionic Wireless Underwater Drone

In the past 10 years drones have gone from being a crucial piece of military technology to a mainstay in almost every photographer’s tool kit. Now, with products like the Biki Underwater Drone, we may be seeing this in-air filming equipment make its way to the Seven Seas. This submarine can get as deep as 196 feet underwater, and thanks to its stabilizer, 150 degree wide angle lens, and two 114 lumen lights – you’ll be able to capture all of the underwater world in its natural glory. Built for the ocean, this submersible mimics the shape and movement of fish so it can move through the water without drawing much attention to itself from other wildlife. That means you can capture 4K Ultra HD video without interrupting life below the surface. Unlike with aerial drones, piloting this vessel is easy thanks to an included remote and integrated app that feeds you real-time footage as you navigate the depths of your local bay or backyard pool.

Anki’s Cozmo – A Robot With Personality

‘”Czmo” built by San Francisco-based startup Anki is a charming robot that is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand. It resembles a toy truck with forklift-like technology for lifting light objects and has an animated face displayed on a CRT-styled screen that holds two large, blue eyes. Professional animator Carlos Baena, who worked on features like “Toy Story 3” and “Wall-E”, lead Anki’s team of animators and designers (some of whom worked at animation studios like Pixar and Dreamworks) who developed the way it moves and interacts with its surroundings. It’s animated eyes are hugely important for conveying it’s “emotions”. Cozmo’s pupil-less eyes shape-shift to reflect its mood, so if it’s feeling happy, its eyes compress into little slits in a cartoonish manner. If a player hasn’t interacted with “Cozmo” for a while, its eyes quickly morph into a little game of pong, indicating that it is bored. Owners connect the robot to a mobile app through WiFi, and the app acts as it’s brain, so to speak. Once turned on, it’s piercing eyes light up and indicate that the little robot is scanning its surroundings. Using artificial intelligence technologies, “Cozmo” can lock on and remember a person’s face through facial recognition so that it knows whom it wants to play games with. Anki built software models that were fed “thousands of examples of faces”, which helped train it in identifying people. The robotic companion is intended to play custom games with its owners. The Anki “Cozmo” has been designed considerately enough to make people smile and is scheduled to arrive this coming October

Little Robot Man ‘Lampster’

A couple of San Francisco-based designers have launched a new lamp that looks like a little robot man. The “Lampster” has a head that is based on old-style tractor headlights, and can produce different colors, because of the RGB LED bulb inside it. The body has a stance that’s ready for action, and gives it loads of personality. The designers are even offering to do custom paint jobs on them, to make them even more unique.

Worlds First Autonomous Sand Art Robot

Researchers from Disney, together with students from ETH Zürich, have developed Beachbot, a small robot that scurries across the sand creating large scale art by dragging a rake behind it. "The BeachBot is an autonomous robot that can create large scale sand art. The robot will be deployed at a public beach to amaze beachgoers who pass by. Not only the final picture is important, the whole drawing process will provide an exceptional, magical show. The BeachBot is not just a lifeless, mechanical being; it is a friendly looking creature with a soul. The BeachBot is 60 cm in length and 40 cm in both width and height. To provide maximal mobility and enough robustness a 3 wheel arrangement with differential drive back wheels and a steered wheel in the front is used. The BeachBot carves pictures into sand with a rake consisting of seven individual movable elements actuated by servo motors. They are attached at the tail of the robot. This solution leads to great visibility of the drawn lines and to a large variety in line width, from minimal 5 cm up to the width of the robot." Take a lokk at a video explaining more about Beachbot, and a timelapse video of it creating art.

Audi Lunar Quattro – The Moon Rover by Audi and Part-Time Scientists

Audi is helping Part-Time Scientists with the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition that aims to transport an unmanned rover onto the Earth’s moon. The German luxury car manufacturer will contribute in several fields of technology, from ‘Qattro’ drive and lightweight construction to electric mobility and piloted driving. The Moon Rover will be named ‘Audi Lunar Quattro’ and will compete for the $30 million USD Google Lunar XPRIZE which is meant to challenge engineers and entrepreneurs from around the globe to develop low cost methods of robotic space exploration.Tto win Part-Time Scientists must successfully place a robot on the Moon’s surface that explores at least 500 meters and transmits high definition video and images back to Earth. Audi is also providing the German engineers a wide ranging assistance in testing, trials and quality assurance. The lunar vehicle is planned to launch into space by the end of 2017 on board a rocket that will travel more than 380,000 kilometers to the moon and take five days.

Melchior – Robot Clock by MB&F

This robotic clock is far from the one you had as a kid with a digital display planted in Optimus Prime’s plastic stomach. Melchior, from MB&F and L’Epée 1839, is a 480-component mechanical table clock that just happens to look like something out of a sci-fi film. Complete with a 40-day power reserve that’s measured on the abdomen dial, a polished glass dome/skull, and eyes with retrograde action that mark off intervals of 20 seconds, it’s as much a high-end table clock as it is a work of futuristic art. Melchior’s Gatling gun arm detaches and doubles as winding key for the movement. Available in two different editions – ‘Light’ and ‘Dark and Light’ – the incredible clock is limited to just 99 pieces. Price tag is $36000. If you’re interested you can buy it here.

Cupidrone Valentines Day Delivery

The Flower Council of Holland, the worldwide marketing arm of the cut flower and houseplant industry of the Netherlands, has launched an advertising campaign featuring the Cupidrone, a specially designed romantic flower delivery system. Timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day, the Cupidrone Valentines Day Delivery YouTube video takes viewers to Italian city Verona, the home of Shakespeare characters Romeo and Juliet. This modern day Cupid’s mission is to patrol the streets of Verona from above, searching for enamoured couples and lonely souls who are looking for love. When Cupidrone spots his target, he drops a red rose. Video footage of members of the public and actors demonstrates the power of a rose. “Our brief was to find a new way to spread love this Valentine’s Day.” Says Bram de Rooij, Creative Director at Kingsday. “We went to Verona, one of the most romantic cities in the world, to deploy a somewhat disruptive approach to delivering flowers. To do this we built Cupidrone, a modern day Saint Valentine engineered to deliver love by stealth. The funny thing is that technology may have changed over the years, but the effect of flowers definitely has not!”

Instagram Logo Mascot Toy Design Concept

Today we want to show you some really cute example of toy design. “Designed by JC Rivera and digitally sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider, this charming little guy is for all the lovers of the great Instagram iPhone/Android app. While only a concept, the pre-production images have ignited quite a lot of interest, and we’re doing everything we can to make him a reality. Shinbone Creative is reaching out to designers and artists with unique creative vision, and JC Rivera is exactly the kind of energetic individual that we love. We’re interested in getting together with anyone or any team that would like to turn their own strong character design into more wonderful, fun toys. ” Have fun!

Jet Copter “Blade” by Norio Fujikawa

Do you remember interesting spider robot concept by Norio Fujikawa "Kanibot"? Today we want to show you another his creation – jet copter concept called "Blade". Norio says: "Jet bike, jet scooter, jet car, and now jet copter. Had to get back to doing a vehicle of some kind." Take a look and you’ll see quality and creative 3D model of helicopter!

Robot MARU by Norio Fujikawa

It’s been quite a while since we’ve shown you interesting robot concepts. And today we want to fill this gap. The following 3D model called MARU was created by graphic designer from San Francisco Norio Fujikawa. It doesn’t have any particular usage but looks very funny and has a lot of chances to become a favorite child toy. Take a look!

C.R.A.B. Police Robot

This stunning robot called C.R.A.B. will provide a peek into the future of Policing. Could this be the next replacement for the Police patrol officer, armed guard, or even a substitute for the Police patrol vehicle (and driver)? Such a machine could revolutionise the nature of Policing; combining the role of a Police vehicle and Police Officer into one, utilising advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technology. For now it’s just a concept created by talanted artist Jamie Martin using 3D software but it’s brilliant idea. Apart from the concept Jamie placed this robot into relevant interior. So that’s not just an ordinary work. Check photos and video of this creative and extremely high-quality and you will be impressed!

Norio Fujikawa Spider Robot “Kanibot”

We’ve already told you about creative robot which looks like spider – Privat Robot: Croww 540. And today we want to show you another one. Concept of robot spy was represented by designer named Norio Fujikawa. The machine resembles a spider, it moves using legs instead of wheels that allows it to freely choose the direction of movement, as well as to overcome any terrain that may be useful when it comes to spying. To maximize the surveillance robot equipped with a powerful camera for making photos and video in high definition. Additional Kanibot is equipped with motion sensor that activates the machine at any suspicious activity and with two-way radio to connect with operator.

Privat Robot: Croww 540

This robot concept was created by motion code: blue from Austria. Hexapoda machine is able to move throughout any type of terrain, including sand and tundra, it can carry heavy loads, material handling equipment, drinking water and also ensure human security and even provide him with shelter. The authors attributed this concept to 2057. The robot has a solid defense in the lower part, sets of cameras and sensors located in the front are its sense organs. Also robot includes removable batteries, which will ensure it a long time work.