Wooden Cabin Hidden Inside a Rock

Inspired by a novel written by Swiss writer Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz where the main character Antoine manages to survive seven weeks under the rocks after a rock fall in the Alps, Bureau A created the same-titled project ‘Antoine’ as a tribute to the alpine experience and to the writer. The small wooden cabin, big enough for the life of one man, is hidden inside a projected concrete rock. Referring to the long lasting Swiss tradition of hidden bunkers, the project integrates the highly urbanized landscape of the Alps. Antoine camouflages with its surrounding to create an alpine shelter where one can freely enter and hide. It contains the very basic architectural elements – fire place, bed, table, stool, window – but demands to the visitor some risk taking as the rock hangs literally on the rock fall field. The shelter was a commission by the artist residency Verbier 3d Foundation. It was self-built in the village and transported to the high-altitude sculpture park.

Archipelago Tables by Emmet Rock

Archipelago I and II are the names of two stunning tables created by Emmet Rock. The first is composed by two stones placed on a glass table which is held up by dark metal frames. The second, instead, comprises of a singular large stone wrapped around a glass table. These delicate arrangements between stone and glass oppose a notion of modern design, the one defined by clean lines and ambiguous notions of simplicity. It begs the viewer or user to question aesthetics through unconventional forms and shapes.

Modern Look of Russian Matryoshka

Talanted Russian graphic designer Pavel Kulinsky created series of art posters for autumn-winter 2009 promo company of TsUM in Moscow. Matryoshkas (Russian nesting dolls) “Art Rocks” on these posters are stylized under well-known rock bands and rock artists. These art works will decorate the main shop of the Russia’s capital for the next few months.