Famous Logos from Roses – Underwater Photos by Alexander James

Today we want to show you some really amazing underwater photos by Alexander James. “The red rose – a symbol of unrelenting love – is here juxtaposed with a deep dark void. These images are not intended to be an homage, but instead act as social commentary on how we ourselves are drowning in a society that is dominated by a reverence towards branding and celebrity. These images were all shot underwater working with the subtle distortions of light from the water’s own wave energy. They were captured ‘in camera’ without the use of either traditional or digital post-production.” Enjoy!

1,000 Roses for Zweibrücken by Ottmar Hörl

Zweibrücken in Germany is known as the City of Roses since located there The Rose Garden of Princess Hildegard of Bavaria grows more than 60,000 roses of 2,000 varieties. Inspired by this fact German artist Ottmar Hörl created a massive public art installation entitled “1,000 Roses for Zweibrücken”. For one month, 1,000 plastic red roses have been arranged in a visually striking grid-like pattern on the ground. The artist says, “Above and beyond its symbolic power, the rose thus becomes a ‘social sculpture’ in the sense of a stimulant for communication.” The flowers averaged about 12 inches wide and were offered for sale as a memento of the memorable installation.