Sculptural Shakers with a Spanish Twist

A tribute to bullfighting culture, Torero by designerArthur Xin is a sculptural vessel for holding salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper. The shakers’ shape is an artistic representation of bull horns and the mantle the red cape used by the fighter. Magnetic bottom sections keep the two parts together while the red cayenne holder keeps the chrome pieces upright and elegantly displayed in your kitchen or dining room.

15 Creative Pepper & Salt Mill Sets

Every chef knows the importance of having a proper pepper&salt mill set on a kitchen. An in the following collection we’ve gathered the most creative, the most interesting and unusual pepper&salt mill sets. Sleek and elegant, funny and creative, created by famous designers and produced by well known auto brands. Here you will have a good choice! So don’t waste your time and check this collection! Have fun!

The Magical Sapor by Arthur Xin

We’ve already shown you collection of creative and stylish salt-and-pepper sets but this set isn’t included in this collection since it’s extremely new. The shape of ceramic vessel for pepper and salt designed by Arthur Xin looks like the magical stick from fairy tale. Quite unusual but visually friendly concept that will make cooking process pleasant. "Let’s become many delicacy by brandishing the magical stick with hand."

Peugeot Mill Sets

Peugeot” is world known auto brand. But the company have recently expanded its assortment due to mill sets: salt, pepper, spices, nutmeg and coffee. Stylish design, convenience and excellent quality of sets will undoubtedly attract buyers who want to make their kitchen unique. The mechanism of the mills "Peugeot" is a product of the most advanced science and is the most important component. There was developed a special mechanism for each kind of spices designed just for him. So the manufacturer requires special attention to this fact.