Underwater Eco-Village Plans To Recycle Rubbish Into ‘Seascrapers’

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut developed plans for an amazing oceanic city built out of recycled rubbish. This futuristic building proposal extends 1,000 meters down into the depths of the sea, and plans to be made entirely of 3D-printed plastic waste materials. Named for a species of bioluminescent jellyfish, this fictional city goes by the name of Aequorea. The architectural concept serves to highlight our current situation of dwindling natural resources as well as the overwhelming need to clean up our waste-filled oceans.

Stunning Australian Beach Captured by Karl Lundholm

Photographer Karl Lundholm may have been born and raised on the west coast of Sweden, but he dreamed of traveling to somewhere he could hear the sound of crashing waves and feel the warmth of sunshine on his skin. Living overseas in Australia became his “little dream” until he actually made the trip in 2014, when that fantasy become reality. Since then, Lundholm has spent the past year living in Queensland, where he captures stunning photographs of sparkling ocean waves against the gorgeous backdrop of the setting sun. Each of Lundholm’s images is a unique expression of the sea’s beauty, as no two waves are alike. Giant swells of water glisten like glass, while wild breakers send crystal-clear droplets splattering in the air. Although the photographer doesn’t surf himself, several of his images feature the dynamic silhouettes of surfers looking to ride the waves on the beautiful Coolangatta beach.

5 Unusual Floating Objects

Sometimes architects surprise us with really unusual ideas. And not just with extraordinary architecture forms but also with unusual places for their creations. We think you would agree that open sea is very weird place for swimming pool or skate ramp. But these objects do exist and in this collection we’ve gathered a few unusual floating objects to show you. Take a look!

Take a Look Inside a Wave

When we’re talking about summer the very first thing that will come in mind is a sea. Sun, sand and sea. It’s a perfect combination! And in these autumn days let’s remember how cool it was in summer. Different seas, different shores, different angles and captured by different photographers – the following collection will show you waves from inside! So don’t stop and jump into the sea… or rather post! Enjoy!

The SeaOrbiter: Futuristic Marine Research Vessel

This is not another futuristic hotel. It’s a futuristic oceanographic marine vessel that would be constructed with the sole aim of exploring the world’s oceans. Called The SeaOrbiter it would serve as a scientific laboratory as scientists explore the places that cover two-thirds of our planet and contain 80% of all life on Earth — the oceans. The brainchild of French architect Jacques Rougerie, The SeaOrbiter would also be the world’s first vertical ship standing at an impressive 170 feet (51m) tall. In order to make the vessel as stable as possible, two-thirds of its structure would remain underwater, giving the craft buoyancy, as well a “fish-collection system for studies of the pelagic ecosystem, plankton biodiversity, and fish stocks.” The SeaOrbiter concept, the $52.7 million project, has been discussed for over 12 years and as been dismissed on countless occasions as a pipe dream, but it seems like the project has gained traction and construction is rumored to start in October with the vessel launching next year. Take a look!

Branding for Calypso Trading Co.

The Calypso Trading Co. has been created to cater to a niche market of primarily gentlemen that are near retirement. Graphic designer from Vancouver, Canada, Erica Craig made a branding for this company. In the following post you can see a huge range of stylish items from Calypso Trading Co. with graphic work of Erica. If the work was done with high quality then even ordinary note book looks stunningly. Take a look and have fun!

Mermaids in Fantasies of Various Artists

Little Mermaid is an old fairytale written by Hans Christian Andersen. The Walt Disney Studios has created a cartoon based on this sad story and this red cute girl became the single prototype of mermaid for almost all people. But not for everyone. In this post we’ve collected a lot of mermaids illustrations and you can see how differs images of mermaids in minds of various artists. On one picture mermaid is a gentle underwater creature, on other she’s a steampunk monster… Take a look by yourself!