Metal Furniture Project “In The Fog”

Ukrainian designer Dmitry Kozinenko has created a series of metal shelving pieces named “In The Fog”. Thanks to their dotted structure it seems that shelf or cabinet is disappearing in the fog. We’re not quite sure that the effect will be the same if all volume is filled with books or other home decor, but in the way it’s presented on the picture it looks stunning. Take a look!

DIY Glowing Resin Shelves

Starting with a cracked piece of chestnut wood Mat Brown mixed standard resin with some mysterious glow-in-the-dark powder he bought on Ebay which he used to fill in the gaps. And voilĂ , instant glowing furniture. They look amazing, and you can see his fully detailed tutorial over on his blog.

Creative Hanger “Half = One”

This time we want to show you very interesting shelf. Designer’s imagination and creativity found a new role to a common object that differs to its primary function. Spanish artist and designer Tess Hill transformed a wooden chair in a clothes hanger with shelf by simply cutting it in half, flipping and hanging it on the wall. Take a look! And perhaps it will inspires you to create something interesting extra new from old objects.

Letter Shelves by Ricard Mollon

These thermoformed acrylic letterforms by Ricard Mollon aren’t just book shelves, they also tell a lot about your home, quite literally. These shelves are available in floor standing size, or smaller versions for your wall, each letter is sold individually to allow you the freedom to put things in your own words. The most pleasant thing that these shelves are available for purchase at Quattria. You can use them as a room divider, or as a bedside tables. Take a look!

Creative Typeshelf by Ufuk Keskin

This creative shelf called Typeshelf easily transforms from ordinary 2D object into 3D functioning product. Designer Ufuk Keskin creates a whole series of such objects called “Flat Objects” for Thirtyfive Creative Works and this shelf is a part of it. “Typeshelf brings typography into product design by using the word as the object. 2D cut out letters on stainless steel are bent along the perforations at the bottom to form the “shelf”.”

Modern Shelving System “Cocoon”
by Paola Navone

Creative shelving system Cocoon designed by Paola Navone for Italian brand Ideal Form Team will perfectly suits for library, living room or bedroom. The shelves are distinguished by curved plywood frame that features wenge or white ribbed effect laminate finishes. The backs and doors can be covered with digital printing of roses, leafs, laces and other designs. The system is available with and without doors. Another interesting detail is that these modern shelves can be configured as per your needs. Such big variety of decor and color schemes makes it easy to adapt composition created by you to any interior.

“Equilibrium Bookcase” Floating in the Air

Today’s bookcase is extremely unusual furniture piece that immediately catches attention. It was created by designers from Colombia-based studio Malagana Design and is called Equilibrium Bookcase. All modules are stacked upon each other at a single angled point. Despite it looks like floating in the air, Equilibrium Bookcase can hold over 120 Lbs of weight. Such furniture will surely make your interior surprising.

Suitcase-Inspired Cabinets from Casamania

These creative and funny suitcase-inspired cabinets from Casamania were created by designer Maarten De Ceulaer. Cabinets are absolutely asymmetrical and unusual looking. And it will add a bit of originality to the bedroom or other room which they will be placed in. They consist of six different drawers/shelves system units and will be perfect for storing shoes, clothes and many, many more. As you could notice there are also two colour variants.

Beautiful Twin Shelves by gt2P

We’ve already shown you intersting concept of interwined shelves created by talanted interior designer Maria Yasko. This time we want to show you real model of shelves by design studio gt2P called Twin Shelves. “The Twin Shelves belong to a series of parametric furniture digitally fabricated and generated by means of an algorithm which is based on Voronoi’s tessellation. This model’s variables are an edge and points that determine its inner subdivision. This allows to customize the x,y and z dimension adapting the shape of the furniture to the specific requirements of each client.”