Sideboard Inspired by a Boxing Ring

Chilean designer Emmanuel Gonzalez Guzman, has designed and made Cuerda (in English it translates to rope or string), a wooden sideboard that was inspired by the ropes of a boxing ring. The ropes are intended to show what’s inside the sideboard, but at the same time, hide the contents. The sideboard is made from plywood, with wood turned legs, and the ropes are a high-strength elastic cord.

Embellished Sideboard Inspired by Barnacles

Stuart Haygarth has an unbelievable way of turning trash into something really cool and it’s called Barnacle. “After viewing a photographic book on deep sea ship wrecks I became interested in how specific inhabitants of our oceans, such as barnacles and algae, envelop and transform the underwater landscape. The shape and form of decaying ships metamorphose on the sea bed embellished over years with thousands of shellfish attached to their structure. Taking the place of natural barnacles I used black plastic objects collected from Dungeness Beach in Kent. Carefully mimicking nature, these manufactured elements were carefully attached to a basic sideboard form to exaggerate and disfigure its original appearance. All the exterior surfaces of the sideboard are inhabited by objects, filling every available space. The groupings of plastic objects have been cast in black polyester resin to create a more uniform colour. Although a sculptural object the sideboard is totally functional with a concealed door on each side containing adjustable shelving and two central drawers.”

Limited Edition “PICCADILLY” Series by Boca do Lobo

Do you remember strange and yet beautiful “Newton Console” created by Tinto-based design company Boca do Lobo? Designers from Boca do Lobo continues to surprise their client by weird forms and creative furniture items. And this time we’re talking about new limited edition furniture series called “PICCADILLY”. Boca Do Lobo’s designers play with perspective, embossed, contrast of colors and a mixture of different style. The result is very original piece of furniture both classic and modern at the time.