New Nike Electric Skateboard Concept

South Korean industrial designer Jaehyuk Lim came up with this interesting concept for the Nike Cruiser Board, an electric personal transportation device that is easy to use, charge and carry around. “A lot of people are using the Personal Mobility But when you’re not using Personal Mobility, it’s very hard to carry around. I designed the Personal mobility device, which is easy to carry and charge at the same time. Most boarders carry their boards by hand when they’re not using them. When you docking in ‘Cruiser Backpack’, you can recharge the board”. And don’t forget to check other electric skateboard StarkBoard.

5 Unusual Floating Objects

Sometimes architects surprise us with really unusual ideas. And not just with extraordinary architecture forms but also with unusual places for their creations. We think you would agree that open sea is very weird place for swimming pool or skate ramp. But these objects do exist and in this collection we’ve gathered a few unusual floating objects to show you. Take a look!