Smart Vision EQ All-Electric Concept Car For Self-Driving

The Smart vision EQ fortwo is highly flexible, efficient form of transportation that provides a new perspective on individualized, urban mobility and local public transport. The fully-autonomous, electric vehicle dispenses with the traditional steering wheel and pedals. This EQ fortwo concept is glimpse into the possible future of car sharing as it’s able to pick up its passengers from a desired location and transport them to their destination – freed from the task of traditional driving. The Smart vision EQ fortwo is summoned using a mobile device and exterior surface displays make it easy for one to recognize their individualized car. This particular concept car has a particularly interesting “black panel grille” at its front and side projection surfaces, that aid in communication between car and passenger. It serves to both add a personal touch, and to communicate with other road users (e.g. information for pedestrians crossing the road). The doors of the concept car are coated with a film that can be activated as required. If the car is unoccupied, information about local events, the weather, news or the time can be displayed.

Smart FourJoy Concept

2013 International Motor Show in Frankfurt have presented to the world the compact four-seater Smart FourJoy Concept that is the forerunner of a new Smart generation. No doors, no rear window and an open roof – the Smart FourJoy dispenses with unnecessary ballast. At the same time this gives viewers an unhindered view of the futuristic interior with its striking rear seat bench in the style of lounge furniture. This means that the vehicle has ample space for four people. With its compact dimensions and a turning circle of 9.1 metres the Smart FourJoy boasts the agility typical of the brand and is able to show off its strengths, especially in cities around the world. And thanks to the state-of-the-art electric drive with a 55 kW magneto-electric motor the zero-local-emission Smart FourJoy offers agile driving performance without any shift delays.

Smart ForTwo Electric Drive by Jeremy Scott

Take a look at the result of collaboration of German vehicle division SMART and fashion designer Jeremy Scott – a limited edition electrified “ForTwo”. This electric vehicle is equipped with wings that illuminate like igniting rockets to form avant-garde rear taillights, the feature becomes the central design element of the car body, accentuating its futuristic approach to transportation. “Based on the current production version of the “Smart ForTwo Electric Drive”, it has the capabilities of accelerating from 0-60 km/h (37 mph) in 4.8 seconds, achieving a top speed of 125km/h (78 mph). Its 17.6 kWh lithium-ion battery enables the urban two-seater to travel approximately 145 kilometres in city traffic without producing any local emissions. Painted in bright white, chrome accents in the front headlights and grille, mirror caps, and tridion cell contrast to appear like a ‘glistening jewel’. The interior is outfitted in fine white nappa leather for the instrument panel, seats and door trim while the centre panels in the doors boast extravagant diamond stitching as a further sign of elegance and freedom.”

Smart Forvision Concept Car

This futuristic concept car Smart Forvision was created in collaboration with chemical maker BASF. Lightweight materials extensively used throughout the concept car allowed to make it lighter. The car made up of plastic and carbon fiber body parts. The Forvision also sports plastic wheels rather than conventional metal hoops, which save three kilograms at each corner. It has a transparent solar-panel roof which generates power to keep the cooling fans running even when stationary, see-through dashboard and clear OLEDs for internal lighting at night. These hexagonal transparent areas not only let in extra light to the Forvision’s cabin but also capture the sun’s energy to power the car’s interior lighting and climate system. Aluminum fiber paints insulate the car but allow for GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth signals to pass through unimpeded.