Unique Wood Longboards by ’31 & Change’

31 & Change is a Chicago based furniture company that have turned their attention to skateboards of late and for anyone who is a fan of the pursuit, they are sure to be glad they did because these stunning wood longboards offer a visual appeal quite unlike anything else out there. Each one of the wood longboards from 31 & Change are one of a kind, made by hand from 100% real hardwood slabs for an unparalleled aesthetic appeal that it’s hard not to be impressed with. Fantastically well crafted and gloriously unique, these 31 & Change Wood Longboards are sure to find plenty of favor among those looking for a one-of-a-kind steed for their skateboarding exploits and they are not only immeasurably cool, they are brilliantly finished for top performance and aesthetics.

Personal Electric Hoverboard

This Silicon Valley based company aims to build the next big thing in personal mobility – Hoverboard, easy to use, green, because it’s electrically powered, cool, since you use it like a skateboard and practical, it has loads of built in features to assist you on your ride, making it all the more fun and safe. At its core you get an electrical brushless motor, with high output power, around 5K watts, that enable it to reach 16mph and get a range of up to 10 miles, with a built in management unit that reads your power or braking needs, with smooth deliverance and optimal power output. It’s also very light because Hoverboard makes use of light weight state of the art materials such as magnesium, on the chassis. With easy do-it-yourself maintenance, and the usual app to control and manage its countless features we anticipate great success for this futuristic gizmo.