Mechanically Locked Steampunk USB Drive

Let us show you curious device. It is beautiful in its design and ingenious in its operation. A secret combination of the positions of the four gears releases a concealed USB drive. The design is quite steampunk in appearance. The mechanical combination lock protects your digital data. You need to know the position of the 4 dials, before it will let you remove the USB drive to use. Only the one who has the password can use it. A great way not only to protect the information, but also to add an element of a game into everyday life. You can buy it here. If you’re a fan of steampunk gears you should also check wireless steampunk mouse and steampunk memory keys.

25 Industrial Table Lamps In Vintage Style

The mention of ‘vintage lamps’ usually brings to mind ornate metal lamps with elaborately embroidered shades. Well, it is time to move on with the ones in this list. Made with old fittings, these lamps with a touch of the avant-garde are perfect tributes to the spirit of adventure.

Amazing Steampunk Signing Machine by Jaquet Droz

There are a few things that you can always expect from a Jaquet Droz product: ingenuity, exquisite craftsmanship, and time honored technique. Their Signing Machine is no exception. It has been in development for four years has now been launched as part of the brand’s 280th anniversary. This automaton consists of some 585 parts and is fully mechanical. The machine must be unlocked using a 4 digit pin code before it can be used. Inspired by the Writer and the Draughtsman, this machine is capable of carrying out perfect, consistent signatures with the help of a reworked movement. The machine is the subject of two patent applications and can now complete two full signatures before needing to wound using the lever on its side.

Brand New Steampunk Sculptures from Trash by Arturas

We’ve already shown you amazing steampunk sculptures by the artist from Lithuania – Arturas. And to day we want to show a few more. “I immersed into the new type of arts some years ago. It overpowered me as soon as I got acquainted with it. That is a very strange type of arts full of unexpected solutions and inventions and it fits to one word “Steampunk.” I use the most diverse materials for work starting from wares, antiquarians and ending with rubbish that is useless. It is a pleasure for me that I can help to transform an item that was thrown and is useless giving it the opportunity to exist in a new shape, in a new form as if I continued its existence in an already artistic expression. I present my works and advertise them mostly on the Internet. A steampunk style lovers from Lithuania, Netherlands, Germany, USA and Australia have acquired some of my works.” Just take a look!

Amazing Steampunk Art From Trash By Artūras

Steampunk style is still popular in the art and is the great demand with the public. Today we’re happy to show you amazing steampunk art by the artist from Lithuania – Artūras. As the subject for his steampunk art the artist has chosen animals, cars, motorcycles, robots. But the most important that most part of these steampunk sculptures is made from trash. From the stuff that we used to throw because it’s no longer needed – Artūras transforms into beautiful steampunk art. Many from his steampunk sculptures have built-in clocks, some – compass and other measuring instruments. These steampunk elements give his work a more complete look. So, here are they:

Miniature Sculptural Airships From Cardboard

Netherlands-based artist Jeroen van Kesteren has created these sculptural airships as part of a series titled "Orphanage for Lost Adventures". Made primarily from cardboard, aluminum foil, adhesives, and an assortment of papers used for sails and propellers, the whimsical flying machines have a distinct steampunk feel. The pieces range in 40 to 50 centimeters tall and take about a month to make.

Kinetic Steampunk-Inspired Sculptures

Artist Chris Cole has spent his life exploring the relationship between two disparate worlds: machines and nature. To marry his two obsessions, Cole sculpts creatures with salvaged metal parts. Fish, birds, and reptiles have their defining features cut and formed in an industrial style that recalls the Steampunk movement’s fantastical mechanization. Each of Cole’s sculptures feature moving parts. Birds gracefully flap their wings while fish swish their fins as if they’re navigating through treacherous water. These exquisite, fluid movements highlight the artist’s interest with functionality and aesthetics. “Understanding physics, and the way things work,” Cole explains, “has always been a fascination of mine.” To create his contemporary works, Cole looks back to the 19th century. “My sculptures are heavily influenced by the visionaries of the Industrial Revolution,” he writes. “The quest for flight, the ceaseless desire for faster, more versatile and efficient transportation relied undeniably on the workings of the natural world.” Although he has a reverence for these advances, Cole fears we’ve become too disconnected with Mother Nature. “My work, therefore, considers a regression from mechanism back to organism.” It also serves as a reminder of what we miss while we sit inside with our devices – instead of looking at a bird on the screen, we could walk outside and see the fluttering of one in real life.

The First Kinetic Steampunk Pub in Romania

The first kinetic steampunk pub opens in Romania. Enigma Café from Cluj-Napoca is literally making history with its kinetic sculptures, having sparked quite a share craze online after first appearing on the Facebook page belonging to The 6th Sense Interiors, the company which created the entire design of the location. The authors of the entire design concept, namely the Romanian based designers Alexandru Tohotan and Zoltan Zelenyak. A giant moving clock which gives the impression that you are actually inside it, dozens of finely designed steampunk details, rotating wheels, metallic flowers opening up on the ceiling, a live moving bird and even a robot which definitely takes you back to Giger’s own characters, these are the core attractions of the Romanian pub. And it is indeed quite a wonder of design. The works took almost two years to come to life, but the efforts are well worthwhile, offering an unparalleled experience for having your regular cup of coffee at a bar.

Embellished Sideboard Inspired by Barnacles

Stuart Haygarth has an unbelievable way of turning trash into something really cool and it’s called Barnacle. “After viewing a photographic book on deep sea ship wrecks I became interested in how specific inhabitants of our oceans, such as barnacles and algae, envelop and transform the underwater landscape. The shape and form of decaying ships metamorphose on the sea bed embellished over years with thousands of shellfish attached to their structure. Taking the place of natural barnacles I used black plastic objects collected from Dungeness Beach in Kent. Carefully mimicking nature, these manufactured elements were carefully attached to a basic sideboard form to exaggerate and disfigure its original appearance. All the exterior surfaces of the sideboard are inhabited by objects, filling every available space. The groupings of plastic objects have been cast in black polyester resin to create a more uniform colour. Although a sculptural object the sideboard is totally functional with a concealed door on each side containing adjustable shelving and two central drawers.”

Exceptional Steampunk Sculptures by Igor Verniy

From heaps of scrap metal, old bike chains, and silverware, Russian metal artist and steampunk sculptor Igor Verniy creates birds, butterflies, and other unusual creations. Many of his steampunk and cyberpunk sculptures are made to be fully articulated, with dozens of moving or adjustable parts enabling each piece to be posed in several lifelike positions. “The 22-year-old master Igor Verniy graduated from Moscow State University, he is an engineer in the field of metal, a specialist in the evolution of stars and astrophysics. Igor Verniy writes on his page: “In the 21st century there are still fans of old school ideas. These are people who are nostalgic for rusty metal, gears, and the smell of motor oil.” Igor is one of those True Metal fans.

Edison Light Globes Steampunk Lamps

LEDs are the wave of the future, but plenty of folks aren’t ready to give up Edison-style filament bulbs for their classic aesthetic. Alongside with classically-shaped bulbs Australia-based company Edison Light Globes creates really beautiful desk and pendant lamps. The company’s deep line-up of fixtures are heavy on brass and exposed hardware, yielding steampunkish pieces.

Steampunk Coffee Shop in Cape Town

TRUTH is the most beloved coffee shop chain in all of Cape Town, created by connoisseur David Donde. Designed by Haldane Martin, the interior brings to vivid life the down-to-earth, cozy hominess that has become synonymous with TRUTH’s brand and reputation.  The companyэs name reflects their core mandate of honesty, inspiration and transparency, and the interior design is a perfect reflection of that. Every inch of the coffee shop is packed with visual candy from large saw-blade tabletops to beautiful overstuffed booths and an ornate array of coffee making equipment that looks absurdly complex, almost like interior of a World War 2 submarine. If that wasn’t enough, Martin also crammed the space with vintage typewriters, Singer sewing machines, and old candlestick telephones. The design even extends to the restrooms which have exposed copper pipes, old extending mirrors and victorian tap levers.

Retro-Themed Mechanical Keyboard Qwerkywriter

Qwerkywriter is a retro-themed mechanical keyboard that uses real typewriter keys making it, by default absolutely brilliant. Developed by Brian Min and now on Kickstarter, the Qwerkywriter was developed by Min using a Cheery MX keyboard system, he then added real vintage keycaps giving it that retro feel. The keyboard is designed to blend the old design of a typewriter with an advanced keyboard that’ll work with computers, iPads and laptops. The Qwerkywriter includes a stand at the back of the keyboard as well as a “threading” feature which allows you to discretely thread the tablet’s power cable through the keyboard. Using a mechanical keyboard allows you to easily swap out keys that get worn or, rather helpfully swap the keyboard between Mac and Windows configurations without having to buy an entirely new keyboard. Lovely idea and the realization, but the author promises a commercial product release until August next year. But you can invest money right now, saving on the purchase of $90. Check out the video to learn more about this vintage style retro steam punk mechanical keyboard.

The Futuristic World of Ian McQue

Talented artist Ian McQue lives in Edinburgh and works at Rockstar North Ltd. He took participation in such projects as GTA, The Lost&Damned, The Ballad of Gay Tony, Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, GTA: Chinatown Wars etc. He has been working in this industry more than 17 years. And today we invite you to take a look at the dark and beautiful future shown on hand painted pictures by this digital illustrator. Enjoy!

1920s German Light Bulb Voltage Tester Bar

Dating to the 1920s, a former light bulb-testing machine has been ingeniously repurposed as a bar cart to shelter spirits, wine bottles and hanging glassware. The original, nearly a century old, was salvaged from a factory in Germany. Crafted of iron, a hinged segment opens to grant access to bottles and barware, while the small hatch opens, too. Surely this US$1995 masculine-looking bar would make an awesome addition to any bachelor pad or man cave! Want to own such unique bar – visit Restoration Hardware.

“Songbirds” – Steampunk Sculptures
by Mullanium

Today we want to show you cute steampunk sculptures. In 1991 artist Jim Mullan got collection of old original decoys and they were a studio decoration for many years. In 2006 birds from this collection became the basis of new collection “Songbirds” containing small and big fun steampunk birds. “Each bird is hand made in our Florida studio using old carvings as our models. The unusual relics we use such as croquet balls, binoculars and old toys give each inspiring bird their own personality. These sculptures give life to the once forgotten pieces of yesterday.” At the moment Jim Mullan and his wife Tori produce these steampunk sculptures under the brand Mullanium. Have fun!

Unique Steampunk Watches by Dedegumo

Watch brand Dedegumo started in Kyoto, Japan where there are currently 3 stores. In December 2010 Dedegumo opened small store in New York consisting of two skilled artisans who know a lot about creation on quality watches and creates items for a collection of uniques watches in front of store’s visitors. All watches are absolutely unique and are created by one artisan from the start till the end: from the developing of the design till cutting the skin. Watches are made from different kinds of parts, metal, wood etc. resembling popular steampunk style. Design of the store was developed by JPDA in Brooklyn and ideally suited to the style of the watch brand. Also we recommend you to check Top 25 Luxury Watch Brands for Men

Stunning Steampunk Sculptures by Pierre Matter

Today we want to make a present to steampunk lovers. This post will show quite complicated but stunning sculptures in steampunk style created by French artist Pierre Matter. His amazing sculptures are made of copper, bronze, brass, steel, stainless steel. Take a llok at this collection and you’ll enjoy! Also if you’re a real fun of steampunk don’t forget to check this Remarkable Collection of Steampunk Sculptures.

Rhombus Maximus – Wireless Steampunk Mouse

Steampunk lovers willing to give a lot of money to surround themselves with things in their favorite style. Sculptures or jewelry in the steampunk style are already not so unusual thing. Of course artists could not pass by such popular items as USB flash drive and a computer mouse. The following gadgets are called Rhombus Maximus. The materials used for creating a mouse and a USB flash drive are copper, brass and walnut. There was no plastic in Victorian times, and if the world froze in the development all the gadgets could look exactly like this. The author of these amazing steampunk gadgets is designer from Moscow Alex Neretin.

Gorgeous Steampunk Jewelry by London Particulars

We’ve already featured on the pages of BeautifulLife various jewelry in steampunk style. And every time they became quite popular among our readers. Today we also want to show you steampunk jewelry collection by London Particulars from Seattle. From the words of author: " I love working with vintage materials and creating beautiful jewelry in the Steampunk Style, I employ cold connection techniques and use epoxy in many of my designs."