Mondana Bag Wooden Stool

Italian company Riva1920 designed the this unusual stool, dubbed Mondana Bag, in the form of a handbag, complete with straps. Made of of solid cedar wood, the seat is naturally finished and outfitted with leather and what looks like brass hardware. The design is playful in reference but simple in material, balancing conceptualism with versatility.

“Sweeties” Furniture Series Cupcake Stool and Biscuit Table

Designer Boggy Chan has created this series of furniture in the form of playfully enlarging sweets. Called “Sweeties” the series consists of cupcake stool and biscuit table. Combining an enthusiasm for food with industrial design, the yummy items were scaled-up to their correct proportion. The series features a cupcake stool with an adjustable height that can move from 30cm to 50cm depending on the user or occasion. Constructed mainly from sustainable polyurethane the curved edges of the cupcake’s “melting” icing were formed naturally by gravity. The cream inside of the sandwich cookies table is made from polyurethane. Take a look!

“Monkey Tail” stool by Monocomplex

“Monkey Tail” stool by South Korean designers Monocomplex is intended to make the user look like they have a tail. Constructed from steel, wood and leather the piece comes in both adult and children sizes. A versatile and indispensable tool for many animals – this body part helps to express feelings, attract a mate and maintain good balance. “Monkey Tail” stool is a fun alternative for humans who wish to resemble similar features. Take a look!

Intertwined Stools by Kan & Lau Design

Take a look at interesting design project called “Intertwined”. Created by Chinese design studio Kan & Lau Design this project features, in fact, intertwined stools. These are two stools, one of which coyly “hugs” the second by the leg. Here are two color variation of this project: black&white and black&wood. Have fun!

Creative Ru-Ju Stool by Yu-Fen Lo

Taiwan-based designer Yu-Fen Lo has created pretty interesting Ru-Ju Stool. “The form of the Ru-Ju stool is from the ancient jade coin , it is so warm and comfortable. With the craft of bending bamboo, the stool legs could be designed like ribbons. And the top of stool is just like flying in the air.” Have fun!

Asian-Inspired Furniture Collection “Fiore”

The following Asian-inspired furniture collection from B-alance is called Fiore and consists of modular set of sofas, coffee tables and footstools. The elegantly curved pieces call to mind the balance of yin and yang. Their curves allow to perfectly snuggle up to one another, creating all kinds of creative configurations. And dark rattan frames and plush white cushions would bring style and sophistication to any patio or deck. Take a look!

Creative “Stoo(L)amp” by Kristen Smith

You’ve already seen cute “Marina’s Bird” lamps and creative floor lamp “Daiana”. This time you will see lamp and stool at the same time. Called “Stoo(L)amp” it was created by American designer Kristen Smith from DSGN-PRJKT studio. “In order to provide extra seating for guests during parties or visits, the stoo(L)amp takes advantage of the formal similarities inherent in the stool and the standard lampshade. By slicing through the standard truncated cone shape of the lampshade, a natural affinity for hanging or sitting against the wall is achieved. Perfect for its stored state, this slice also gives directionality and added comfort to sitting in the stool. The handle for moving the stoo(L)amp also serves a double function, providing a notch for hanging while in use as a lamp.” Take a look!

“Superheroes” Collection by Glimpt Studio

This beautiful furniture collection “Superheroes” was created by Swedish design studio Glimpt for Cappellini. “A family of seating furniture, where the large stool can also be used as a table. Threads are rolled around a tubing that is attached to a metal frame, this process originates from a Vietnamese technique where paper thread is rolled around sea grass to make small bowls. The idea of Superheroes came following a journey to Vietnam where Glimpt visited different artisans, studying their techniques and finding inspiring materials and colours. Glimpt also wanted to incorporate other influences in their work so they contacted the Swedish illustrator Malin Koort, who helped develop the patterns for the series. Glimpt likes to look at history and aesthetics of the countries they visit, keeping open mind and being inspired by the people, the country and the culture itself.”

The “Block” Collection of Erik Stehmann

Netherlands-based designer Erik Stehmann presents a furniture collection fully build with blocks of oak wood and glue. Collection consists of table and chair. “Inspired by the typical "woodworker" sentence: "Glue is stronger than wood”, I experimented with glue and wood to test this phrase. After testing lots of different types and brands of glue I discovered a glue that succeeded. By cutting a beam up in blocks, and gluing it together as a beam again, it became even stronger than the original beam”. Take a look!

SCRW Stool by Manuel Welsky

Some time ago we’ve shown you interesting concept – Screw Me Lamp. Today’s concept will be an excellent pair to this lamp. Created by designer Manuel Welsky “Scrw” stool is modeled after a piece of cork which twists into a metal frame for a seat. “Screw” is based on the principle of screwing. The new interpretation of the screw makes the height adjustment self-explanatory and easy. By the apparent leadership of the screw thread, the refined combination comes into focus. Made from a high-quality steel pipe, the frame is an exciting contrast to the cork material from which the body is made. The massive Korkzylinder is light in this combination and because of its unique features provides a comfortable seating experience.” Have fun!

Nature Inspired Wooden Furniture

This wooden furniture was designed to bring "landscape qualities into the interior". Designed by Netherlands-based designer Janina Loeve this wooden furniture set "Tettonica" consists of minimalist stool and table. Made of plywood Okoume, this lightweight pieces are constructed by a series of layers rings pile up together, simulating the shape of a canyon or mountain. Both hollow pieces, the table has a transparent glass on top that gives the impression of a more ample space, and the stool has a removable cushion to cover the hole.

Pally Chair by Laura Väinölä

Designer Laura Väinölä has created colorful and creative chair that bring back us to childhood. Called Pally Chair it’s made of pegs and a holder. By moving the colorful sticks which are covered in soft superlon material you can create countless patterns for the seat. Pally comes in two sizes and can be enjoyed both by kids and grown-ups. With this fun stool Laure reminded us that we’re all just big kids at heart!

Modern Honeybee Stool

Modern chair called Honeybee Stool by design studio DesignJoo is just a concept for now. But it wouldn’t be hard to find sponsor to produce them. “The main idea of the stool Honeybee is to provide a place that functions well and comfortable where you can sit and rest. Besides that, it looks aesthetic and modern. Stool is fully expressed in various ways for the user.”

Contemporary Multi-use Hybrid Chair

Multi-use Hybrid chair from furniture collection of Martin Davis can be used as dining chair, a stool/ottoman or a bench. It consists of 2 components, a base and a back, plus some supplied stainless steel fittings. “The design of the piece was arrived at by experimenting with the simplest of forms. The initial inspiration for this shape came from a marine shackle, which is a high strength fitting used on yachts to secure tensioned rigging from the mast to the boat hull.”

Bright Luxury Furniture by Bretz

Bring bright yellow color and luxurious design into your living room with the following furniture set by German manufacturer Bretz. Apart from their positive color these handmade and upholstered in leather, the sofa, swivel armchair and beautiful stools sparkle with Swarovski Elements crystals. It seems that this furniture screams "look at me". For sure it’s not to everybody’s taste but it’s definately worthy for your attention!

Knitted Stools Collection from Claire-Anne O’Brien

Today we want to show you interesting stools collection created by designer from London Claire-Anne O’Brien. This collection features a variety of knitted seat cushions. Such furniture is indisputable creative and unusual but it will look organically in your home only if you have very original interior design.