Albert Reichmuth Wine Store in Zurich

Swiss design firm OOS have designed the interior of the Albert Reichmuth wine store in Zurich. “Always considered to be an insider’s secret among wine lovers in the past, the Albert Reichmuth wine store is now opening its first showroom accessible to the public at Feldstrasse 62 in Zurich. “LA GALERIE DU VIN” is both a sales as well as a wine tasting and seminar venue and aims to appeal to regular customers and passers-by alike. The spatial layout and staging by OOS reflect the store’s values and traditions and let the wine bottles speak for themselves.”

Creative Store of Design Studio Aqua Creations

Today we want to show you stylish interior of the new store that have been opened by design studio Aqua Creations in Tel Aviv. This studio transforms artistic ideas into design objects and specializes in custom design for contract projects including hotels, casinos and restaurants, as well as residential projects. While viewing this interior you could see examples of exclusive furniture and lightings made by designers of this creative studio.