Surreal Architectural Drawings By Cinta Vidal Agulló

Barcelona-based illustrator Cinta Vidal Agulló turns architectural drawing on its head with these surreal urban landscapes that reflect the idea that we all live in one world, but the inner dimensions we experience may not match the realities that others perceive. These clever plays on perspective are reminiscent of M.C. Escher’s impossible geometries, but this series goes beyond bare mathematics and delves deep into the human condition – each painting explores different facets of life, purpose, culture, and other existential subtleties. Each composition is painted in acrylic on smooth wooden boards.

The Surrealist Art Of Rafal Olbinski

Rafal Olbinski is a surrelist artist from Poland, who has become world famous for his posters and designs. Rafal has easily proven himself a leading modern surrealist with his provocative, prolific, and technically masterful paintings and illustrations. While gently paying homage to his predecessors, he explores the irony of metaphysics, duality of meaning, and the limitlessness of imagination. His delightful “visual puns” become an artist’s take on wordplay, with wit, reverence, and a humor that is rarely found in Fine Art. In addition to creating numerous distinctive and award-winning posters for major US opera companies, Olbinski has contributed highly acclaimed set designs. He has designed over one hundred CD covers; completed several major murals; and illustrated many book covers. He has won over 150 major awards including including recognition by: Society of Illustrators, Art Directors Club of New York, Best of British illustration, Prix Savignac, and World’s Most Memorable Poster Competition (1994). Olbinski’s work is exhibited in many major museums throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Brooke Shaden’s Surreal Art Works

Los Angeles-based photographer Brooke Shaden creates hauntingly-beautiful works that seem to live in their own world. People shine and objects levitate in outdoor landscapes whose dreamy coloring evokes a painterly quality to the work. It’s clear that a lot of care and consideration was given to every part of the surrounding environment, and we see small-yet-fantastic details like a field of wildflowers or colorful teal rocks in the background. Movement is important in Shaden’s work. Every subject has a very specific and acute way in which they’re posed, and it makes their hair, dress, and other elements flow throughout the composition. It creates a lyrical type of story-telling, and Shaden’s work sings lovely songs of women being inspired, and passionate, while enjoying the exquisite beauty of the world. Her unique vision brings out the dreamer in all of us.

Dreamlike Photos by Rebeca Cygnus

This lovely weekend we want to show you collection of dreamlike photos created by Madrid based young photographer Rebeca Cygnus. Her photos are some kind of surreal, full of colors and emotions, with interesting compositions. "In 2009 she starts studying photography at TAI. For her photography is a mixture between self knowledge and continuous desire to improve. Her passion lies in living every shot She loves to caught the moment in a premeditated shot days ago." Enjoy!

Surreal Art of Leo Patzelt

These stunning photo manipulations are created by talanted artist Leo Patzelt. All art works were created using Photoshop and under the influence of surrealism and his favorite painters Salvador Dali and Rembrandt. Want to note that influence of Dali is quite noticable. Many of these art works were created while participating in competitions in battles on Take a look and have fun!

Mystic World of Natalie Shau

Natalie Shau is Lithuanian illustrator and artist now living in Greece. In her works she combines photography, digital technology and 3D-modeling, creating a strange, sometimes surreal, sometimes frightening, but a definitely exciting artworks. As she noticed Natalie Shau gets inspiration in religious imagery, fairytales illustrations and classic Russian literature in the face of Gogol and Dostoyevsky. Feel the pleasure from viewing these surreal illustrations!