Modern Electric Fireplace ‘In Frame’

Fireplaces might just be the perfect method of creating a warm, homely and cozy atmosphere within a room, but it’s fair to say that some apartment’s or house’s décor just doesn’t welcome the conventional fireplace. "In frame" by Young Gyu Kwon is a modern take on the traditional fireplace and it aims to connect the past and the present through carefully considered design. The elegant frame that surrounds the circular central section has been designed to be rotational, allowing it to be easily adjusted. This frame also creates an area to hang basic laundry, so it can dry. In frame’s flexibility doesn’t end there, the user has the choice of either hanging it on the wall, so it mimics the location of a traditional fireplace, or having it freestanding in the center of the room. Whichever option they choose, it will be sure to make for a stunning addition to the room!

Cozy Tabletop ‘Flame Vigo’ Fireplace

Take a look at cozy Vigo tabletop fireplace completing those lazy, cold winter days. The piece’s dual stainless steel burners run on Moda Flame ventless ethanol fuel, so no electricity, gas, chimney, or gel cans are needed. Glass panels on both sides provide a full 360 degrees of fire visibility. The Moda Flame Vigo fireplace is not designed to heat but more rather a decorative small fireplace. However, it does produce 3,900 BTU’s of heat as it is a real flame fireplace. If you like it – you can but it here.