Levimoon Levitating Moon Lamp

Some products are built purely for oneэs eyes only. Designed to uplift spaces and enrich lives, the Levimoon is one such product. Designed as a replica of our very own satellite, the Levimoon is a levitating moon-like orb that can float, rotate, and even light up in mid-air! The levitating base comes made from walnut wood while the moon itself is a 3D printed PLA replica (1:23160000th scale) complete with all surface details. The moon comes with its own internal lighting system thanks to an LED and a 1500mAh battery. The moon floats elegantly on its special levitating base (even rotating to display its elusive dark side that we humans donэt see). The base also acts as a wireless, contactless charger for the battery inside the moon, powering the LED within it that can be switched on or off via a button at the base of the moon. Holding your finger against the switch even allows you to adjust its brightness, giving you anywhere from 10 to 100 hours of illumination! The moon can be used independently too, being carried around the house, but it absolutely comes to life on its bespoke levitating base that allows it to be its true tranquil, anti-gravitational cosmic self! And be sure to check other creative moon lamps: Luna and Moon Light.

Raptor Lamp 2.0 – LED Light in Jurassic Park Style

Unusual, fun, and perfectly timed with the Jurassic World movie, the Raptor Lamp 2.0 is a playful adjustable lamp modeled to look like a Velociraptor. Designed to be an item worth collecting first, and a lamp later, the Raptor Lamp sits on your desk, looking positively ferocious with its moving jaw and adjustable limbs. Crafted from aluminum and tough ABS plastic, the Raptor Lamp 2.0 comes with LED lights inside its mouth. Open or close the jaw to adjust the light, and to switch between a directional light and ambient lighting. The raptor comes with adjustable limbs that one can use to alter the beast’s posture, and even has an adjustable talon on the leg for that extra bit of attention to detail. The Raptor’s body comes with power and dimmer switches as well as an electrical input, while the base even docks your smartphone upright, making sure no one dares to steal it lest the velociraptor attack them! Available in a red+gold, white+rose gold, and gloss+matte black, the scary yet adorable raptor lamp makes a great toy as well as bedside accessories for kids and adult dino enthusiasts alike! Be sure to check 25 industrial table lamps.

Ambienta – Modern Table Living Lamp

This cool new Ambienta Living Table Lamp from French designer and architect Daniel Pouzet combines a hydroponic planter with a table lamp that not only provides ambient illumination for humans, but essential light for the plants growing beneath it as well. The planter base supports up to six hydroponic or traditional soil plants such as low-light tropicals, ferns, or succulents and the lamp above casts light downward in three intensities from a circular array of LEDs or, with a flick of a switch, upwards to brighten a room. It features an open column down the center for filling the base’s reservoir with water, a built-in timer, and growth medium. Perfect for any spot in your home or office in much need for a unique decorative blend of light and nature. Also you might be interested in our collection of industrial table lamps.

25 Industrial Table Lamps In Vintage Style

The mention of ‘vintage lamps’ usually brings to mind ornate metal lamps with elaborately embroidered shades. Well, it is time to move on with the ones in this list. Made with old fittings, these lamps with a touch of the avant-garde are perfect tributes to the spirit of adventure.

DINA Lamp – Modern Desk Lamp that Needs Money to Activate

Contemporary product design studio MOAK has created a modern desk lamp that requires money to activate. “We have become light dependents and without it we would have long, sad and in-officious nights, but we have forgotten that it is a resource that we must pay for and we even misspend. What if a lamp helps us to be aware of the value of light, energy, and money? DINA needs money to activate, coins are the ones who transmit power to let it shine. It is more than just a lamp; it is a different way to light up our consciousness.” So, if you need a light you have to pay simmediately for it! Great idea, don’t you think?

D’Light – Elegant Kinetic Award Winning Lamp

The D’Light is a kinetic lighting device that adapts its style based on the kind of mood you’re trying to set. With the ability to orient itself in various different shapes, each with a completely unique character, the D’Light works beautifully as a table lamp, a floor lamp, a hanging pendant lamp, or even an ambient kinetic-artpiece deserving to be in the center of your home! The lamp comes with a table-top base, but can be attached to any outlet, as long as it has the freedom to freely shape-shift. Fitted with a smart-bulb on the inside that can change colors, the lamp has a honeycomb-esque paper pattern on the outside that can freely rotate, and comes mounted on a specially designed frame that turns via a motor, controlled by the D’Light app. The highly intriguing honeycomb pattern not only allows the lamp to rotate the way it does, but it also does a rather wonderful job of scattering the light. The honeycomb lampshade is tear-resistant and washable. The jellyfish-esque D’Light is a winner of the Good Design Award, the iF Design Award, and the IDEA Design Award. Plus, all profits from the D’Light go to providing educational scholarships (Donation + Light), reinforcing the metaphor of light being a symbol of knowledge and wisdom! Also we recommend you to check Chocolate Lamp and Floating Lamp.

Lovely And Unique Smart LED Lamp Bero

Bero is an unusual smart desk lamp that can express a variety of colors and controlled by its own application. It has no button to turn the light on or off. You can knock Bero’s head or body twice to turn the light on or off. This is the difference with existing products with which you can touch specific areas to turn the light on or off. It’s an original function that you cannot see in existing lamp products. Bero has RGB LED to offer experiences in a variety of colors. You can express diverse moods by changing colors with the application. So you can have Bero with a variety of diverse colors. Also you can use application to turn Bero on or off at a specific time you want. So, you don’t need to fall asleep in the dark and wake up in the morning with noisy alarms any more. Bero is a spirit of light that flies between trees in the forest and shares its light energy with grass and trees under shades to help them growing. In addition to Bero is very curious and goes outside the forest at night. It watches over sleepless children at the windows and then goes back to the forest when the sun is about to come up.

LZF’s Handmade Wood Lamps in Set of Creative Images

Photographers Nienke Klunder and Wiglius de Bie have produced a photographic montage for LZF that juxtaposes fragments of several art movements, including Surrealism, De Stijl, and Modern. With dramatic effect, Klunder and de By present a number of LZF’s handmade wood lamps in a series of creative scenes. The radiant Dandelion, slinky New Wave and peculiar Life-Size Fish are just a few of the lights on show.

Releasing The Light – Concrete Lights by Dror Kaspi

Designer Dror Kaspi has created these concrete and aliminum lights for Adroma Design. They come in two variations, a pendant light, called Split, and a table lamp, called Release. The design of the partially split concrete cylinder reveals a glowing light from the inside, which was intended to demonstrate the contrast between the roughness of concrete and softness of light. The aluminum bases of the lamps come in either silver, emphasizing roughness and resistance, or one of three pastel colors, emphasizing softness and gentleness. The multiple bases also allow the lights to fit into any room decor style.

The Monk Concrete Lamp By SKELD Design

Passionate about the cosmos and “out of this world” design, the team behind the Kiev-based SKELD Design studio creates lighting and furniture seemingly brought back from the future or at least from a parallel universe. The geometric-inspired products have a contemporary style as well as a distinct personality, and The Monk is a perfect example. Its silhouette is instantly recognizable, though it may take a few moments to make the connection, as the shapes have been stylized in an abstract design. The Monk as a merely refined modern lamp without thinking of the beloved green Jedi master. The resemblance with the popular character didn’t come to light until the 3D sketching step of the design, when the two pyramid shapes were brought to life. For obvious reasons, the team had to give up on their initial plan of naming the lamp The Jedi, but the new name works in the lamp’s favor, as it lends the product a touch of ambiguity and accentuates the silhouette’s connection to a related architectural structure, the abbey. The two sections of the lamp are made of concrete and ash hardwood, in a gorgeous contrast of tones and textures; a simple metal button and a textile power cord complete the minimalist appearance. Like all the products made by SKELD Design, The Monk is designed and assembled by hand in the company’s workshop, with each lamp made-to-order.

All Around Lamp by Maria Novozhilova

Echoing the silhouettes of major cities, like Milan and Sydney, the All Around Lamp is a geometric floor lamp that doesn’t have a top or bottom. Designed by Maria Novozhilova, these tetrahedron-shaped lamps use LED technology to create a warm ambiance. The thin frame of the lamp holds each engraved piece of plastic that features abstract drawings referencing those city capitals. Moreover, the All Around Lamp is a hybrid object – if you flip the larger-sized lamp, it even turns into a small side table.

D-12 Lamp – Innovative Modular Lighting System

The D-12 Lamp is the brainchild of Plato Design and is a modular lighting system that boasts both visual appeal and an impressive amount of versatility to boot. Billed as the revolutionary LED lighting system created to suit your changing needs thanks to its magnetic connections which allows you to reconfigure it as and when you please. Decide upon the number of modules that you require for your workspace and direct the light as you see fit, the D12 Lamp really is a decidedly functional piece of lighting for any home or workspace. A cool aesthetic coupled with the customisation opportunities really make the D-12 Lamp stand out from the crowd and you can still pick one up for a bargain price over on Kickstarter now.

Bicycle-Inspired Handlebar Lamps From Industrial Kid

Designers from Industrial Kid create Handlebar Lamps inspired by bicycles. They take disused bike handles and turn them into a striking and functional piece of lighting. Lamp comes in a variety of colors and styles that one can pick and choose from. Spare parts such as brake levers, grips, Bowden cable housing and stem available in 10 different colours to compliment any interior, including kiwi lime green, strawberry smoothie and chocolate brown. And the handlebars actually switch the lamp on and off!

Little Robot Man ‘Lampster’

A couple of San Francisco-based designers have launched a new lamp that looks like a little robot man. The “Lampster” has a head that is based on old-style tractor headlights, and can produce different colors, because of the RGB LED bulb inside it. The body has a stance that’s ready for action, and gives it loads of personality. The designers are even offering to do custom paint jobs on them, to make them even more unique.

Luna: A Lantern That Looks Like a Moon

Taiwanese design firm Acorn Studio recently announced a new lighting system that mimics the color and shape of a moon. Luna is a dimmable halogen light housed inside a glass fiber and non-toxic latex housing that comes in 7 different sizes ranging from 3.2″ to 23.6″ in diameter. “Inspired by the moon, the artwork – Luna, hopes to bring more delight and content into your life. Indulge yourself into the moonlight. Let Luna illuminate your space, and your mind. It’s the design decor that turns your space into a magical world. It’s the lamp that lightens up your favorite reading corner. You decide what Luna is, and how you want to make your life prettier with it.”

BULBING Lamps – Table Lamps with 3D Effect

Nir Chehanowski of Tel Aviv-based Studio Cheha, has designed the BULBING lamps , a new collection of lighting, that are made using etched acrylic glass to give them a 3D effect. “At Studio Cheha, our design philosophy is all about reimagining everyday objects with a cool and creative difference! With this, Studio Cheha is excited to announce the launch of our 3rd Kickstarter campaign, ” by BULBING lamps – Light Up Your Life – AGAIN! ” – a natural evolution of our BULBING series. Meet ZIGGI , DESKI and CLASSI! The three newest members of our original lighting family. This series, designer Nir Chehanowski, has chosen to rekindle his designs, offering bigger and brighter optical illusion lamps that aim to alter your perception of space and form by using 3D shapes as the basis of his 2D designs. Our new lamps are inspired by classic and vintage-style desk lamps with a modern twist. In addition to increasing the scale, this series, Nir has opted for an industrious approach to the shape of the lampshade while keeping his signature optical illusion and 3D magic as the focal point of the design. Each flat LED ” by BULBING ” lamp is made from a thick and strong sheet of acrylic glass that has been etched with dozens of intricate lines. We are able to create a sense of dimensionality, as LED light travels through the lines illuminating the design and creating a powerful optical illusion. New features include bright LED light with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, a warm glow, and dimmer. Where to shine the light!”

Inside Out Concrete Lamp by Daevas Design

Inside Out by Daevas Design is a table lamp constructed from concrete which features a brass lampshade. The primary goal in the design of this lamp was to highlight the variable characteristics of concrete. Although a heavy and rough material, it can be manipulated to create a very detailed and fine structure. On side of the lamp features the rough surface associated with concrete which represents the ‘outside’ of the body. The other side has been designed with a rhythmic form based revealed in small steps going into the body of the lamp that represent its ‘inside.’ The atypical shade is composed of just a frame, portraying the armature typically used in concrete structures externally, this inversion of of materials further continues the ‘inside out motif.’ Furthermore, the form is based on Fibonacci’s spiral, the method gives the object a harmony and continuous lines which brings the piece together.

Aligned Lamp from daast Studio

daast is a young design studio from Australia and we’ve already shown their Spyder Light on the pages of our website. And today we want to show you another their creation – Aligned lamp. With a 360 degree rotation, the fulcrum makes the lamp highly functional while also acting as a design element. With each angle, it casts a different glow, from ambient to spot lighting. Take a look!

LUMINOSE – Lovely Dog Lamp with Personality

Born from their passion for design and love for dog, Budapest based designers Elizabeth Zimmerer and Márton Lente present their new project: Luminose lamp. This modern table lamp have the shape of a dog, made from high quality, handcrafted oak (or beech wood for the black and white versions). “LUMINOSE is the dog lamp with personality. This fine design, wooden table lamp with the touch of handwork was born from our design passion and dog love bringing warmth into your home. LUMINOSE is exclusively looking for the owner who has the sense of design, the love of dogs and has a table for a lamp. The LUMINOSE story started in a wood workshop. After thousands of hours of designing and manual prototype, the very first dog lamp was born. LUMINOSE learnt to light in relatively short term, becoming a fully functional wooden table lamp. Being good first-owners we built the environment in which LUMINOSE feels good, driven by our passion for details from design to website code. This is why we pay attention to every detail from design to manufacturing. LUMINOSE – being a very smart dog lamp – is made with the co-operation of changed working abilities with high level of expertise. A LED panel is installed into the wooden components, using 85% less energy than a standard table lamp. By welcoming a LUMINOSE you stand out by helping purchase and eco-friendliness.”

Hidden Illuminance of Bolimond’s Armstrong Light Trap

The moon’s surface is adorned with a multitude of lunar craters that form a distinct texture. Each imperfection appears as an indentation that adds character to the mysterious terrain. But what if these features could be translated into the design of an object? Taking note of the satellite orb, Constantin Bolimond has created the ‘Armstrong Light Trap”. The devices articulate these details in an interactive manner. Its spherical body has replaced the concave pits with perforations occupied by cork cylinders. Each protruding piece can then be removed to adjust the overall brightness of the interior cavity, which houses energy-efficient, warm white LED lights. The technology can be run by a battery or power supply network that operates under the principle of inclusion: the bulb turns on by removing the circles, and turns off by them back into place.