Cocoon Tree: Luxury and Extravagant Way of Sleeping in Nature

Ever dreamed at being one with nature, without the annoying, inconvenient and uncomfortable necessity of camping? Cocoon Tree now offers a luxurious option that takes glamping to a whole new level. The Cocoon Tree is a spherical structure that can be suspended from trees, allowing you to hang above the ground in a pod. Weighing about 60 kilograms or 130 pounds, it is made from aluminum and covered with a waterproof tarpaulin, making it suitable to stay hanging all year. Each Cocoon Tree is rigged to trees with ropes and secured by nets. To gain access to the pod, you can attach a wooden walkway or simply climb the nets that secure it. Each Cocoon Tree can hold two people comfortably, has a mattress, and measure 3 meters or almost 10 feet in diameter.

Tent Inspired House In The Forest Of New Zealand

Architect Chris Tate has designed this simple tent-like cabin that’s surrounded by trees and located on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Wanting to capture the back-to-basics simplicity of camping, Chris designed the Tent House with two levels that feature a main floor with the living, dining, kitchen and bathroom, and a top floor with the bedroom. Large windows on one end of the small house as well as smaller ones on the side of the building provide plenty of sunlight, while the white interior helps to reflect the light and is a strong contrast to the black exterior. The only black on the interior of the space is in the kitchen and the bathroom door. The kitchen has been designed to perfectly fit the triangular shape of the space, with the angles accentuated by the strong contrasting lines of the cabinetry. Separating the living area from the kitchen is a spiral staircase leading to the bedroom. The bedroom which has a view of the treetops, also has draped curtains, much like the entryway to a tent. At night, the interior of the cabin is lit up like a lantern.

Garden Igloo Creates Transparent Canopy for Your Garden

When enjoying the outdoors, it’s nice to have a sanctuary to protect against bugs and sudden inclement weather. The Garden Igloo is a transparent canopy for your garden that allows you to cherish the scenery all while being shielded under a geodesic dome. Its minimalist design offers a lot of versatility, and the product can function as a greenhouse, playground, gazebo, or quiet place to read. The seven-foot-tall Garden Igloo can be used year-round. Its standard package includes a skeleton frame, which leaves the piece completely open and allows a nice breeze to pass through the space – perfect for entertaining friends on a warm summer night. In the cooler months, a clear domed cover shields the Igloo from the harsher elements, making it ideal as a greenhouse or for a winter garden party.

Connectable Modular POD Tents

POD Tents is a revolutionary camping system that allows you to build a social community of tents using interconnected walkways! Choose from two tent sizes, the 8-person Maxi, or the 4-person Mini, and add to it as you need to, with many possible configurations. The system is designed to be completely modular, enabling you to create a self-contained tent village connected by zip-together tunnels.

Morning Views From The Tent

Russian photographer Oleg Gigoryev is showing us how’s great is to be outdoors, to travel and to spend every waking moment enjoying everything Mother Nature has to offer. His stunning photography series “Morning Views From The Tent” is a collection of photos taken every morning from Grigoryev’s tent as he travels all throughout the Fann Mountains of Tajikstan. These point of view photos will have you counting the days until your next outdoor adventure. Take a look!

Camping Tent for AUDI Q3 Quattro

The German company Heimplanet has developed a special camping tent for the AUDI Q3 Quattro. Presented at W├Ârthersee 2014 in Austria alongside the customized sports utility vehicle, it can be rolled out from the SUV’s roof rack, inflated and assembled within approximately seven minutes. In addition to being completely free-standing, the tent can also be connected to the opened tailgate of the Q3, with a wind load rating of up to 70 km/h.

MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp

For those who often have a hard time getting a good overnight accommodation while on the road, sleeping on the vehicle seems the most ideal solution. This solution is even made more ideal with MINI’s newest offering – the MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp. The MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp features an innovative roof-top tent provides a simple and practical sleeping solution. All a sleepy driver needs to climb up his vehicle, fold out the tent from it storage box and plump up the pillows! The roof-top tent on the MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp has space enough for two occupants, which means a driver does not need to worry about the sleeping needs of a riding companion. After a good night of sleep, a driver just has to fold back the roof-top tent back into its back. Its exterior is painted in Absolute Black metallic with white stripes to match the car where its sits. The MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp also allows a driver to carry a mountain bike, thanks to a specially fitted bicycle rack. The innovative roof-top tent could also easily be mounted on a MINI or MINI Clubman.

Glastonbury Solar Tent from Orange

Excellent conceptual idea for the lovers of hiking. English mobile operator Orange has recently presented their vision for the tent of the future. Well even it was just tent it could be purchased at least for a stylish appearence. But it has enough benefits. This miracle tent made from photovoltaic fabric capable of storing solar energy (an excellent replacement of cumbersome photovoltaic panels!). Subsequently, with the help of this energy you could charge mobile devices – just put them in a special pocket. The tent is equipped with LCD-screen as well. Also it’s very convenient to look for a tent in the dark or in a large tent camp – you just need to activate it via sms or RFID-technology, and a tent will light up with a soft yellow light.