2007 Triumph Thruxton 900i by DMOL

Death Machines of London builds bespoke motorcycles that push the limit on design and quality. Looking like a steampunk version of a Thruxton 900i, this build not only looks one of a kind but pays a bit of tribute to one of America’s most eccentric authors: Hunter S. Thompson. The bike, among plenty of other painstaking upgrades and modifications, features a freshly finished fuel tank and aero-style filler featuring the Hunter S. Thompson quote: “Faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death,” engraved on a brass plate. It’s a line that suits the build and the company’s origin particularly well, playing into the irrational nature of thrill-seeking among riders. In addition, the UYC includes a beluga-black frame, modified rear, and re-worked engine complete with gas-flowed cylinder head and custom exhaust system. Both Avon Trail Rider tires are wrapped around copper electroplated rims and features a custom-made speedometer, a 7″ mil-spec LED headlamp, and a hand-carved American Walnut seat adding to the bike’s rough charm. It’s a unique build, to say the least.