15 Biggest LEGO Sets Ever Made of 2018

The word ‘Lego’ is the abbreviation of the Danish words ‘leg godt ‘, meaning ‘play well’. Lego has been intensely popular among both adults and children since 1932. It has even spawned its own movies of late. Listed below are 15 of the biggest LEGO sets ever made.

Photographer Creates Magical Scenes With Small Toys

To be creative you have to keep your inner child alive. Mexican photographer Felix Hernandez Rodriguez is a grown-up who’s never stopped playing. He creates his majestic photographs including small toys. Felix says that his photography is not “what exists there, but portray what exist in me”. The photographer creates magical scenes with the help of mundane products, such as flour to imitate snow or cigarette smokes to add some atmosphere. Felix mixes real and scaled models with the help of his vivid imagination and Photoshop. He uses a macro lens and the technique called “focus stacking’, when multiple photos are merged to create a wider focus. “It’s such a big pleasure to create, almost like a powerful drug… you soon are addicted to it.” See the addictive shots and behind-the-scenes below!

Lego Architecture Skyline Collection

The new Lego Architecture Skyline Collection might just awake the creative talent and building imagination we all have within us, by allowing you to emulate some of the world’s most famous skyscrapers and urban sights such as New York, Berlin or Venice. Rebuild the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty, St. Mark’s Campanile or the Reichstag Victory Column. With the usual top-notch quality and a slightly different type of building blocks, these constructions will not only look good in your children’s bedroom but also in your office. Get a fresh view on the world’s iconic buildings and have fun in the building process with the Lego Architecture Skyline Collection. And don’t forget to check our list of 15 Biggest LEGO Sets Ever Made.

Infento: World’s First Real Constructible Rides

Infento is like a real-size Lego or Meccano kit where you can build unlimited real rides together with your child! With several kits to choose from such as a wagon, tricycle, or bike, the unique rides are all constructed using a single hex tool, and all parts are designed to be multi-functional and multi-adjustable, meaning that when you´re in for something different or when a child outgrows their ride, the endless possibilities of Infento simply brings you a new ride. “We offer 3 Kits and 2 Add-ons. In total you can build 18 incredibly cool rides. But as always with Infento, the possibilities are endless and you can also create your own awesome rides. This is all up to you. So, 18 is just the number of rides we created for you and your kids.” With Junior Kit you can build 6 rides for little ones between 0 and 5 years old. The rides in the Junior kit will teach your child how to walk, bike and move. You can build a walker, scooter, balance bike, balance trike, balance carrier and a tricycle. With the Creator Kit you will be able to build 9 unique rides. If your child is already older than 4 he can build 3 awesome rides. But this kit comes with so much material you can also build all the 6 rides from the Junior Kit! Master Creator is the biggest Kit. With this Kit you will be able to build 11 rides! You and your child will have their whole childhood fun building and riding. From 0 till 13 years. And there 2 add-ons: Junior Snow for the Junior Kit and Big Snow Add-on for the Creator or Master Creator Kit.

Ceramic Sculptures Look Like Inflatable Toys

Brett Kern’s amazing creations look like inflatable toys until you realize they are made from ceramic. The sculptures are perfect recreations of those evil blow-up dinosaurs, astronauts, balloons, and other toys that leave us panting for air, but this time all of that glistening beauty is Brett’s hard work with clay, glazes, and firing. Brett even adds in air valves to make the creations look 100% realistic and will leave your friends scratching their heads in confusion when they reach out to touch your inflatable treasures and find heavy ceramic instead.

Rocking Moto and Dark Horse by NextOfKin Creatives

In a childhood of almost any kid rocking toys took a special place. These were horses and other “animals” and we loved them. In modern times we want for our children something more creative and industrial designers take into account our wishes. Take a look at the modern interpretations of the traditional rocking toy – Rocking Moto and Dark Horse by NextOfKin Creatives. Each applies a touch of classic styling to a ultramodern form with abstract shapes and materials like carbon fiber. With interchangeable heads, they’re even customizable for role playing other characters!

Wooden Toys by Permafrost

We’ve already shown you some collections of creative toys such as Leather Pull Toys by Ellen Heilmann or Extremely Stylish Kids Toys. This time we want to show you another great example of kids toys. They are featered on New Nordic – Architecture and Identity exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. This is set of wooden toys depicting modern day industrial icons, while at the same time honouring traditional Nordic craftsmanship made by Permafrost. The exhibition is open until October 21st in Copenhagen. Have fun!

Leather Pull Toys by Ellen Heilmann

Cute and creative toys were created by German designer Ellen Heilman in collaboration with Kathrin Schumacher. A simple and adorable pair of pull toys is made out of leather. Cute dachshund called Waldi and serious hound named Sprinter. You will love these guys! If you’re looking for more creative toys for your children check Extremely Stylish Kids Toys. Have fun!

Sleek “Torpedo” Scooter by Jerry Koza

Czech designer Jerry Koza has created a sleek line of children’s torpedo scooters called Torpedo. Bright and original color schemes will surely will make this toy the favorite one among many others. If you’re ready to turn your kid into the racer then you have to be ready to pretty empty your wallet – this sleek looking scooter costs $1100!

Beautiful Animal Boxes from Karl Zahn

These beautiful wooden sculptures from Animal Box series arecreated by Karl Zahn and are not so simple. They represent “a “power” animal – a totem for our individual ambitions. With the addition of hinges, it has the ability to guard important small objects. On the shelf, it is sculpture. On the side table, it’s a totem. On the counter, it offers a hiding spot.”

Extremely Stylish Kids Toys

What kind of toys you’ve dreamed about as a child? Surely you couldn’t imagine how the future technological progress will change the kids toys. A lot have changed: a technologies used in toys, materials from which they are made, and even their appearance. But time did not change all kids toys. It turns out that in our time there are manufacturers producing small batches of still the same old good toys.

Stylish and Timeless Wooden Toys

Famous Scandinavian design company Playsam firmly believe that opposites attract. That’s why their toys can be characterized as classic and contemporary, simple and sophisticated at the same time. Playsam creates innovative and timeless wooden toys for the young and young at heart. These are not only toys but piece of art and could be a present for children and business gift. If you like such exclusive toys don’t forget to check Extremely Stylish Zeitgeist Toys.

Extremely Stylish Zeitgeist Toys

Let us represent you unique series of designer art toys by Zeitgeist Toys from Berlin. Creative toys from this collection differents by size and appearence and are created from porcelain and precious metals. To achive interesting contrast designers painted some of them with flowers and covered others with Austrian lace. All toys are extremely stylish, exceptionally high-qualitive and are worth their price.