BRS Offroad Sherpa Teardrop Trailer

BRS Offroad‘s Sherpa off road teardrop trailer is unlike anything else on the market. The Australian company has plenty of harsh terrain to test their designs, and one look at the Sherpa shows that it’s ready for anything. Despite the small size, the Sherpa packs a two-burner alcohol range, two 30-liter refrigerated drawers, and battery-powered 12-volt outlets. The interior lets you fall asleep with a view of the sky overhead, and a drop-down shower spout and 200-liter water bladder keep you fresh for your stay in the great outdoors. When you’re towing the Sherpa, its full suspension, high ground clearance, and robust construction ensure that everything arrives at your destination no matter how rough the going is getting there. And if you’re interested in off road travel trailers e sure to check Mink Camper and Tvan Camper Trailer.

Futuristic Caravan Expands to Reveal Huge Party Deck

A caravan concept of the future is finally being realised, 6 years after it was first conceived. Dubbed “The Romotow”, the contemporary mobile living design replaces the boxy and cumbersome trailer and caravan concept, comprising a central living area that extends outward to create the perfect party deck. Designed by New Zealand-based architectural and interior design firm W2 back in 2012, the Romotow looks like a normal trailer but at the push of a button transforms into a large hosting area. Giving it its main point of difference, a living area uniquely extends out from its sheltered exterior, with an ingenious automated swivel, to reveal up to 70% more floor area. Not satisfied with only the concept, a team of experienced boat builders have taken on the challenge to create the world’s first Romotow. Currently under construction in Christchurch, New Zealand, you can follow their progress on Facebook. It should should be complete in just a few months. Meanwhile check other futuristic caravan concept called “Odorico Pordenone”.

Furrion Elysium RV – New Luxury Motorhome With Helicopter

Sometimes, you want to take the entire house when you go camping. For those moments, the Furrion Elysium RV is the only choice. Furrion is a design and technology company that does everything from yachts to TVs, architecture, and interior and industrial design. The Elysium is their take on the ultra-premium RV, and the 43-foot long chassis packs everything from a hot tub and three 75-inch 4k TVs to a rooftop helipad, meaning if you can’t get there on land, you’ll definitely be able to there from the air. The exterior is no less impressive than the interior, with a heavy-duty design straight from the giant-robot anime genre. Expect the Elysium to come to market in early 2019. And meanwhile check Variomobil Signature 1200 – the largest and most expensive motorhome on the market at the moment.

Modern Tiny Home on Wheel With a Balcony

Living Vehicle is a mobile home option that’s been carefully thought of and beautifully designed to make the most of its interior space. Inside of it you’ll find a small kitchen with all of the modern appliances, a living area, a bedroom and a bath. The structure is supported by sturdy aluminum tubes that ensure strength and lightweight, the outside is from the same noble material which contributes for a great look and has a vintage style that reminds of the 50’s Airstream models. The tiny house has a 6 person capacity and its strong construction will enable you to get to some hard to reach spots. It has double paned windows to provide extra thermal insulation which makes it suitable for all seasons. Hoffman Architects – the masterminds behind this project – also provide a reasonable number of customizable options so you may equip it with everything you need to live off-the-grid for months at a time. And don’t forget to check other mobile homes on our site: Airstream Classic XL and Nest by Airstream.

Drake – Modern House on Wheels

Combining a crisp, contemporary profile with mid-century modernist elegance, Drake is a brand new recreational vehicle house by Land Ark RV that radically redefines the staid image of the typical camper trailer. Designed by American husband-wife duo Brian and Joni Buzarde based on their own experience of building and living in a mobile home, Drake provides all the modern amenities one could ask for, fleshed out in a sleek environment of understated luxury and minimalist sensibility. It is in other words like any other thoughtfully designed high-end house, albeit one you can drive around anywhere you wish to go. Land Ark RV was founded by Brian and Joni, a Texan couple whose dream was to build their own home on wheels so they wouldn’t be anchored in the same place. Their first endeavour in 2012, a DIY prototype named Woody arising while brainstorming ideas on Southwest Airlines napkins, was painstakingly hand-built in a Houston warehouse after working hours and on weekends with the occasional helping hand of a friend. Once completed, it was put to the test when the couple decided to move to Colorado while living in Woody which proved to be a seminal period because it allowed them to observe firsthand what worked best in terms of privacy and functionality, from storage ideas and plumbing to sleeping arrangements and natural lighting. Also we recommend you to check other house on wheels – The Rook Tiny House.

Nest by Airstream: A Modern Fiberglass Travel Trailer

The innovative Nest by Airstream jumpstarts a new era for the brand focusing on forward-thinking design that optimizes function. Automotive designer Bryan Thompson was onboard to design the semi-monocoque fiberglass structure that features six windows, a skylight, a wide front windshield that resembles a pair of ski goggles, and a vertical window in the back doorway making for a light-filled interior. At just 3,400 pounds, the Nest is easy to tow.

Mink Camper – Comfortable and Secure Off-Road Camping Trailer

If you spend much of your time outside, in nature, you should consider an off-road trailer. The Mink Camper sis a new camping solution for travellers, it offers a very comfortable and secure place to sleep, plus it is compact and can be towed easily by most cars, it also keeps you off the ground in an insulated, safe, and cozy space. The sturdy mobile home is equipped with Wi-Fi, a fully equipped open-air kitchen including gas stove, a queen-size bed and a glass roof for stargazing. The Mink also comes equipped with a Webasto heater and thermostat, LED lighting, USB charging ports, and a Bose sound system. There is also a roof-mounted solar panel that keeps the battery topped off during off-grid wanderings, and a GPS tracker provides a safety net. If you’re interested in trailer you should check other great trailers: Tvan Camper Trailer and Vintage Overland Trailer.

Luxury Camping Pod Concept Inspired by MINI’s F60 Countryman

International advertising company Anomaly, in collaboration with Fabian Mazzola of Bitlens Studio, has created a luxury camping pod influenced by MINI‘s F60 Countryman. The concept reflects MINI’s philosophy and takes the car’s compact, round shape. The pod features a completely functional living space, a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Bitlens Studio + Anomaly’s award-winning concept camping pod is self-sustainable and clad in weather-sealed material, giving it the ability to withstand a multitude of climates. Although compact, the pod includes the necessary amenities that one can find in their own home. “This idea came up as I wanted to create an idea, an illusion of a futuristic pod that came with all the accommodations a home has” explains the designer. If you’re looking for unusual cars you should check our list of the most expensive car in the world.

Sydney-Inspired Luxury Mobile Home

Rob Vos Design’s “Opera” camper takes a traditional two-person trailer and combines it with all household amenities in the form of the Sydney Opera House. This private suite on wheels features two electrically adjustable beds, a boiler supplying warm water to the kitchen and shower, heating, ceramic toilet, refrigerator, plus low-energy LED lighting – like a typical holiday home, with an added sense of theater. Rob Vos Design’s “Opera” camper aims to camping into the 21st century as a unique form of high-quality tourism, combining the atmosphere of yesterday with the amenities of today. Unlike some, who may see camping as a means of holiday-making on the cheap, the Netherlands-based design company sees camping as a goal in itself. With this in mind, it developed the “Opera” camper trailer in 2008: a luxury mobile home combining tent accommodation, with optimum travelling pleasure, convenience and comfort, and an architectural image. Within minutes the camping trailer unfolds to reveal its characteristic outlines, resting firmly with a sculptural form. The teak veranda welcomes campers into its homely interior. The electrically adjustable beds and mattresses with two comfort zones offer an excellent night’s sleep, and in a simple stroke they can be transformed from two single beds into a double. The boiler supplies hot water to the compact kitchen equipped with a stainless steel sink, a mixer faucet, pull-out faucet head, plus a top loading refrigerator that holds up to 36 with a volume of 36 liters. The mini-bathroom features a ceramic toilet, and a corian fountain with a pull-out faucet head, that can be used as outdoor shower. Hot air heating and low-energy LED lighting provides the convenience of a complete holiday home with an ambient atmosphere. Completing the ensemble the outdoor kitchen opens up with two modular elements: a piezoelectric two-pit stove, piezoelectric gas barbeque, charcoal barbeque, and a beech wood cutting board, all of which folds away in the kitchen cupboard. The cookers are integrated with the vehicle’s onboard gas supply,removing the need to carry extra, heavy gas bottles. When connected to a vehicle, the ‘opera’ has an extra-wide track, double axle, hydraulic shocks, and very low centre of gravity, for added stability. The only time you’ll notice a little extra weight behind you is when the foot is on the throttle. The width and height of the unit offers unobstructed view to the rear, with no extra outside mirrors required.

Ford Earth Roamer XV-LTS Off Road Expedition Camper

Adventure starts where the asphalt ends, and if you are behind the wheel of the Earth Roamer XV-LTS, comfort will follow you wherever you go. This modified commercial duty Ford F-550 made by the Colorado based company Earth Roamer boasts a hefty V8 Turbodiesel engine that pairs with a 4-wheel drive system to take you anywhere you want. Engineered to operate as a stand alone adventure vehicle without water, power, or sewer hookups, you can literally pilot the XV-LTS as far and wide as you wish. For reliable power while out in the sticks, the top of the main cabin features large solar panels that deliver electricity to the four 8D sized batteries. When those batteries are fully charged they boast a ridiculous 255 amp hours of energy – making it so the cabin with bedroom, full bathroom, and kitchen will never go without power. Weather outside nice enough to BBQ? Just pop open the back storage boxes and heat up the grill. Each vehicle is built to order – as a result the wait time can be up to a year. Looking for something similar – check Toyota Hilux Expedition V1 Camper.

Perfect For Traveling Tvan Camper Trailer

Tvan Camper Trailer is an upgrade on the previous model and has several interesting new features. Lets not forget that this thing was designed and tested on the Australian outback, which is known for its seriously harsh conditions…so in order to prove it, should you ever get this camper you should know you get a 5 year warranty on chassis and suspension, that´s how confident this team is about their product. In the rugged camper trailer you get a redesigned kitchen, with more space, fully customizable to fit your specific needs, a sail awning to get shade while preparing your meals, a queen size bed, a 108lt water tank, an electric console so you can easily manage and control electrical appliances and switches, pannier locker doors to ensure insulations and security, and lets not forget the foldable tent that doubles your living space. All in a compact, sturdy yet light structure that ensures you may carry it to the hard spots of your choice with your 4×4.

A Compact Mobile Office on Wheels

Belgian-based studio FIVE AM designed a compact, mobile office, or training facility, on wheels that they call “dojowheels”. Built within a camper trailer, the “dojo” reflects the design studio’s idea of working together. The modular design lets you change the setup easily making a small space more functional. The pop-up table lets you access storage underneath while also giving your legs a place to rest when you’re working. Instead of commuting to the office, you can take your office anywhere you want and even conduct meeting inside. When the table is down, the cushion slides out so you can sleep.

Vintage Overland Trailer

Vintage Overland Trailer is a rugged work of art skillfully constructed by hand, and specifically designed for adventure. Each caravan features a lightweight welded steel frame, a beautiful Baltic birch interior, large off-road tires, a solar panel, LED lights (interior and exterior), memory foam mattress, roof rack mounts, vent, fan, and an off-road axle meant to be abused by the most serious campers around. The versatile trailer can be hitched to any sized vehicle, and is rugged enough to get into toughest parts of the world and light enough to travel effortlessly on the open road. Price tag starts from $10,500.

The Tiny Leaf House: Version 3

Tiny homes are a great way to setup shop in the middle of the great outdoors, but their stationary nature is their major downfall. The Leaf House is a portable tiny home that lets any man live like a nomad. Maybe you want to spend a night, maybe you wanna spend a year – it really doesn’t matter with the Leaf House. Essentially a small dwelling on wheels, each one is custom built to the exact specifications of the owner. And they’re more than just a gimmicky trailer; each one was built to withstand the harsh Canadian winters, keeping you warm all through the colder seasons. In order to make a home that was portable, the design team had to cut back on weight opting for solutions like concrete coating foam board for the counter tops as oppose to traditional granite. At around $40,000 a pop, it’s most certainly a steep investment, but with the ability to add things like a complete solar/wind system for power, you might consider ditching the mortgage for a life off the grid.

Hütte Hut Trailer

Today we want to show this sleek teardrop trailer called a Hütte Hut (“Hütte” in German also means hut). The Hütte Hut is hand-built by the husband-and-wife team of Brian and Katrina Manzo at Sprouting Sprocket Studio in Carpinteria, California. This wood-and-canvas tent on wheels offers a small but charming space to rest on your journey, featuring plenty of natural light and eye-catching exterior that will surely stand out on the interstate. It’s a prototype at this point, but the couple envisions future versions to be built with a computer-controlled wood-cutting machine. They apparently got the idea after a trip to Amsterdam where they stayed at the citizenM Centraal, a hotel made up of more than 200 shipping containers.

Pet Trailers by Judson Beaumont

If you’re a long-time reader, you may remember Dog Mansions by “Best Friends Home” we featured in 2011. Today we want to show you another creative dog houses. Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Design has cfeated a brand new series called “Pet Trailers”. This collection includes four unique, dog-sized trailers, each fully customizable. Pet Trailers are made from environmentally-friendly materials, including recyclable aluminum, plywood and plastic. Check out more pics of these rad trailer-style dog houses (and that adorable doggie model) below.

Bowlus Road Chief Stainless Steel Trailer

Proclaimed to be the “world’s first luxury trailer,” the Bowlus Road Chief is a high-tech reincarnation of William Hawley Bowlus’ iconic 1930s design. The posh camper boasts a shower, king-sized bed, dining table for two, armchairs, and a kitchenette as well as hidden features such as an interior aluminum frame and fresh and gray water reserves. This spring and summer, the designers behind it all, the husband and wife team John Long and Helena Mitchell, will pony up as traveling salesmen and hit the road on a tour of the USA. They’re making select house visits as well as presenting at RV shows and automotive events.

Manley ORV Explore Trailer

Inspired by the iconic Military M416 trailer, the MORV Explore trailer could become your better companion for outdoor excursions. There are 3 different trailers available: Original, Utility and Explore. And the Explore is worthy for additional attention since it comes with all of the same features as the Utility, but with a handful of additional options available. This lightweight trailer comes equipped with a locking aluminum lid, premium LED lighting system, rooftop tent for overnight expeditions, and even a hitch mounted recovery hook among other things. Each MORV has also been outfitted with a set of fully capable all-terrain tires to ensure your trailer will be able to tackle anything you can throw at it.

Prefab House “Monohedron”

Let us show you great example of mobile house designed by Andrej Cverha. “Monohedron is a prefab house that is mobile and suits almost any environment or climate. The idea is to move away from the predictable comfort of a brick and concrete home to something more versatile as this. With the options of adding layers of floors as per needs, the concept of your dream home takes on a whole new meaning. Customized and prefab are two words that don’t usually gel together well, but looks like this mobile home has sort of nailed it.” Take a look!

Mobile Home “De Markies”

To continue theme of mobile homes let us show you creative mobile home called “De Markies” (The Awning). Designed by dutch designer/architect Eduard Bohtlingk it “was an entry in the “Temporary Living” competition 1985 and was conceived as a mobile home. On the road, it measures 2.00 m by 4.50 m, and once it has arrived at its destination its floorspace can be increased threefold in a matter of seconds. “De Markies” was awarded the Public Prize at the Rotterdam Design Prize 1996.” Take a look!