Personal Electric Submarine ‘Project Neptune’ by Aston Martin

Production has started for Project Neptune, the luxurious, limited edition personal submarine by Aston Martin and Triton Submarines. Following the successful completion of its design phase, the first model will be unveiled to the public later this year. Aston Martin’s collaboration with Triton Submarines combines beauty and elegance with a safe, reliable design that offers nearly 360º visibility. This personal luxury submarine will be able to dive to 500 meters of depth and reach sprint speed in excess of 5 knots while carrying a pilot and two passengers. Aston Martin’s in-house team has created a range of various combinations of color and trim combined with the vehicle’s sporting, luxury and maritime characteristics and further customization and personalization options will be available. Don’t forget to check other interesting projects: Triton 6600/2 and Dragon.

The World’s Deepest-Diving Personal Submarine for $5.5 Million

The latest must-have for billionaire yacht owners – the Triton 6600/2 – allows them to explore shipwrecks or other spots at new depths thanks to a revolutionary new passenger compartment that remains at surface pressure even while diving more than a mile beneath the sea. Priced from $5.5million (£3.8million), the personal submarine has the thickest transparent acrylic hull ever made, providing a spectacular view of marine life at a depth of up to 6,600ft. Built by Triton Submarines, based in Vero Beach, Florida, the two-seater is billed as the world’s deepest diving submersible with an acrylic hull. With a top speed of nearly 3.5mph (three knots), it takes about an hour for the pilot and a passenger to reach the sub’s maximum depth while they explore the sea for pleasure or research. Triton 6600/2 has a maximum dive time of 10 hours, although its life support system, with an emergency oxygen supply, lasts 96 hours. With air conditioning and high-output LED lights, the submarine weighs 17,640lbs and is 13ft long, nearly 11ft wide and nearly 7ft tall.