Self-balancing Unicycles AirWheel

The AirWheel offers an awesomely futuristic way of going from A to B. The self balancing unicycle transportation device uses the latest in gyro technology and regenerates energy back into the battery as you go, just like an electric car does, and is an environmentally friendly alternative to taking the metro or bus. It’s easy to use: you just need to lean forwards to go forward, to the side to turn, and back to slow down or go backwards, and the power cuts automatically if you jump off, so it’s safe too. AirWheel is portable and lightweight, and features a handle so you can carry it around until you need to go again. It’s also waterproof and, depending on the model, the battery lasts for up to 28 miles of constant use. There are various different models available, and the company ships worldwide. You can also watch the video inside to see the AirWheel in action.