Extravagant Villas by Vasily Klyukin

Vasily Klyukin is a telented architector from Moscow, Russia. With his latest visualizations of elaborate architecture, Vasily “What if the main star at your party is not a celebrity, not even the host of the party, but the villa in which the party is held?” Klyukin has envisioned a series of extravagant homes which are designed to catch the eye. The “Top Secret Agent Villa” is imagined as a quiet and secluded place away from prying eyes, acting as secret facility for someone who needs to be off the grid. “Palms Oasis” canopies over its inhabitants with giant, leaf-like structures, protecting those within a tropical and shady shell. “Madame Sur” house sits on the very edge of a cliff, its geometric red face creating a stark contrast to the surrounding rocky landscape. Like a shell, the bold-colored exterior skin fits over half of the dwelling, disguising an expansive retreat within.