Volkswagen BUZZ Electric Microbus Will Be Built

A staple of coastal California’s towns, the Volkswagen Microbus will be reincarnated as an electric vehicle. VW announced that it will build a version of its I.D. Buzz concept bus, which it hopes to begin selling by 2022. Unveiled earlier this year the Detroit Auto Show, the vehicle is a clear homage to the iconic vehicle that the company sold in North America between 1950 and 1980. The production version of the concept is expected to deviate little from the blunt-faced original, because all of the batteries will be mounted under the floor. Think of a longer, more van-like Chevrolet Bolt and you can get an idea of what the electric VW might be like to drive. Which means the production I.D. Buzz (VW didn’t announce what it will name the vehicle) should appeal to buyers who are interested in a lot of passenger space, as well as those who get nostalgic for the original, rear-engined, gasoline-powered Microbuses.

Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept

Volkswagen surprised visitors at this week’s 2015 Wörthersee Tour with a high-performance concept car based on its humble Golf hatchback – Golf GTE Sport. It’s a concept that previews the future direction of performance-oriented Golfs. Built almost entirely from carbon fiber, and looking light it’s delivered right from the future, this plug-in-hybrid is powered by three different engines. There’s a 1.6-liter gasoline powered engine making 295 horsepower, while two electric motors produce 114 horsepower, giving the vehicle an overall output north of 400 ponies. The GTE Sport can run on nothing but electric power, with a range of roughly 50 kilometers. The two-seater is equipped with a pair of swing up doors, and a race-worthy cockpit that’s sure to have automotive enthusiasts foaming at the mouth.

Futuristic Volkswagen Concept Car – Aqua

Futuristic vehicle Volkswagen Aqua hovercraft concept designed by 21-year-old Yuhan Zhang from China is powered by Hydrogen and propelled by impellers. This Volkswagen concept was designed to cope with the variety of terrain covering China, from the lakes, rivers and coastal waters to the roads, wetlands and snow. The concept was shortlisted in the CDN Car Design Awards China in the “Chinese off-road Vehicle” category. The Volkswagen Aqua features 2 motors: the main motor obtains power from a hydrogen fuel cell and it is used to drive the main fan; the other fans, located at the rear, are powered by individual electric motors. It would be probably very hard to find proper Volkswagen car parts for this concept. And it’s not an individual vehicle – the Volkswagen Aqua can accommodate two passengers. Future is near!