Urban Concrete Cuckoo Clocks by Guido Zimmermann

German multidisciplinary artist Guido Zimmermann reinterprets the iconic German cuckoo clock using examples of modern architecture. The artist notes that while “the classic cuckoo clock stands for the prosperity of the middle class and counts as a kind of luxury for the staid home, the updated version as a panel construction shows today’s urban and social life in apartment blocks.” Zimmermann drew on specific examples of modern architecture to create his sculptural “Cuckoo Blocks”. Grids of windows peek out of flat concrete surfaces, with contemporary details such as satellite dishes and cactus houseplants. Don’t forget to check Concrete Para Clocks by LeeLABS.

Continue Time Kinetic Clock by Sander Mulder

Dutch designer Sander Mulder has created the “Continue Time” clock. “On the Continue Time clock, two out of the three pointers rotate around another pointer, instead of the central point on the clock face, as with traditional clocks. The resulting kinetic artwork is continuously changing its shape during a full rotation of twelve hours. While creating mesmerizing patterns on your wall. The pointers are still read as with any traditional clock.” Just check a video and you will be amazed! Also if you would like to see more interesting wall clocks – check Elegant and Stylish Dynamic Wall Clocks.

Modern Wall Clock Covered In Icelandic Moss

German designer Tobias Mittmann, of design studio HerrMittmann, has created a modern wall clock covered in Icelandic moss, that makes it easy to display both the time and your love for nature. Lush, soft, and with a range of natural greens in it, this moss wall clock brings a touch of nature to your interior and creates a functional piece of decor. Alongside with a wall clock you will be able to find creative pendant lamp also covered in Icelandic moss.

‘Archi di Tempo’ Electric Clock

At first glance, the ‘Archi di Tempo’ might not look like an electric clock, but the ultra-modern device is indeed intended to provide users with an enhanced experience. Easily mounted on the wall thanks to the faceless design, the ‘Archi di Tempo’ tells time with two separate arms. One arm dictates the hours, whereas the other shows the minutes. The embedded lights shine different colors and shift to convey the time in a more modern yet complex way. The ‘Archi di Tempo’ electric clock is the design work of Bruno Tarabella and offers a somewhat cryptic view of time. Rather than simply display the current time, the ‘Archi di Tempo’ requires a bit of deciphering, which could be correlated to the very essence of time and how it must also be deciphered to be understood.

Only Clock – Digital Clock With A Hollow Round Face

Czech design studio Kibardindesign first caught our attention a couple of years ago with their popular White & White Clock. Now designer Vadim Kibardin is back to purity and simplicity, with the sleek Only Clock, a digital wall/desk LED clock with a hollow round face, a modern 3D interpretation of a traditional analog wall clock. The frame displays hour digits and minute points crafted in a choice of white or black body. An eye-catching and functional piece of art that can be placed on a desk or on a wall, and will surely turn some heads.

DO NOT DISTURB Clock Collection

Designer Ernest Perera has created two versions of his DO NOT DISTURB clock for manufacturer Amor de Madre. “You’ll look at it without wanting to know the time. DO NOT DISTURB is a clocks collection that intended to be a non-intrusive object for your home. Ernest Perera works in this project as a really designer-maker. He uses his own cnc milling machine and finished with his hands. Carving geometric shapes for been looking at without hurry. He used beechwood with natural raw color. The hand work experience with each clock, becomes the piece an exclusive unique. Two versions. Two rooms. DO NOT DISTURB / 2046 (from Wong Kar-wai movie) is a dialog between light and shadow. Six surfaces and a hexagon perimeter to define the twelve hours. DO NOT DISTURB / 1742 (where John and Yoko spent their honeymoon and recorded Give Peace a Chance song) is another relation between light and dark. A soft transition of these opposites over the wood. Made from Beechwood and brass clock parts.”

DINN by Alessandro Zambelli

Alessandro Zambelli has designed a wall clock named DINN for Diamantini&Domeniconi. “Musician-designer Alessandro Zambelli has applied the brilliant originality of La Campanella to a furniture accessory created for Diamantini&Domeniconi. A preview of DINN, the clock with the Campanella bell, can be seen at Maison et Objet (Hall 8, Stand A33-B34), the exhibition rendez-vous in Paris from 5 to 9 September. The stark, round face takes bare essentials almost to an extreme. The material is MDF and comes in white and light oak. Within the circle is one bright, attention-grabbing spark of originality. A small, unexpected bell contrasts brassily with the painted face of the timepiece. This precious detail stands out as the clock’s ‘dinging’ heart. The visual impression made by the hands, in anthracite-coloured aluminium, is equally powerful. Clearly they are key features of its idiosyncratic, passing strike mechanism. In fact the minute hand terminates in a tiny hammer which nudges the clapper of the bell hourly, ‘on the dot.’ The clapper swings. It rings the bell. DINN.”


Twelve24 has developed minimal wall clock – ClockONE. This 4mm thin digital clock uses electronic ink technology ans as a result has high contrast and wide viewing angle. Add to this incredible battery life (a single CR2450 button battery for a 1 year), ability to attach it to a wall via a magnetic mount and huge variety of colors. ClockONE will be available September 2014 but you can pre-order it now.

Minimalist Picto Wall Clock

The minimalist Picto clock was designed by Steen Georg Christensen and Erling Andersen for Rosendahl Timepieces. This clean dial with no numerals gives wearers a “picture of time.” Like the watch versions, the Picto wall clock features the same rotating dial in place of an hour hand. The wall clock echoes the playful look of the watches, while blowing up the scale, foregoing the top glass, and toning down the color. Interested? You can buy it here.

Elegant and Stylish Dynamic Wall Clocks

The Perspective Series from Studio Ve contains stunning clocks in modern minimalist style. Inspired by the way in which each of us has a different perspective on “life and time”, these wall clocks double up as fascinating and dynamic sculptural additions. The Perspective Series has a selection of 5 exquisite wall clocks that feature a black backdrop and unique hands crafted using interesting straight white lines. Each one of the clocks professes a unique life philosophy that talks about varying perceptions and how we manage our time through the vibrant and varying geometric designs that the hands form. While the V Clock shows simplicity and focused style, the ravishing K Clock showcases how simple straight lines overlap and combine to for complex patterns. The D clock is a reminder that perceptions vary depending on the point of view even as P Clock and Z Clock dazzle with interesting 3D shapes and patterns. You can get one of these clocks for $55 or the entire set for $220 by backing the project on Kickstarter in the next few days. Grab one while you still can!

Haoshi Design’s Moon Clock

Nocturnal animals hover, awake and at the ready, just above the glowing moon-like surface of Haoshi Design’s Moon Clock. “When the night falls, in the darkness of quiet and still, the nocturnal animals are exulting in exploring this world. The moonlight energizes the animals, and the moon is the faith they rely on.” says Haoshi Design. The series, made of resin, includes a braying wolf, an owl, a crow and a cat. “The story of them is quietly running on this tranquil land. Are you those people who always find inspiration at night? The later at night it gets, the more ideas you have? If you are this kind of nocturnal animal, let Haoshi Moon Clock warm you up at every single night.” A layer of Fluorescent Whitening Agent has been applied to the surface of the clock, exposed to daylight, “it will generate a shimmer in the dark… like the moon is giving a warm hug to those nocturnal animals.”

Bamboo Wall Clock MOCAP by J.P.Meulendijks Design Studio

Today we want to show you very interesting wall clock MOCAP designed by J.P.Meulendijks Design Studio. When standing in front of this bamboo wall-clock, its numbers are clear and visible, but walk around it and you’ll notice that they slowly dissolve, falling apart in a vague white fuzz. Inspired by the movie industries motion capture technology, this striking optical illusion is created by small, white balls that extend various distances from the matte black surface on pegs of the same color and appear to float effortlessly in the air. Like it? Then you can buy it here.

“CuCoo Clock” by Stefan Hepner

Take a look at the contemporary “CuCoo Clock” from cast resin designed by the artist and designer Stefan Hepner. "A different take on traditional pendulum clock. Its faceted shape gives an almost obsolete, nostalgic item a resolutely modern feeling. Made of cast resin with quartz movement and metal parts. Hand made in our studio in Brooklyn NY." If you like it and want to buy you can do it here.

Moooi “Big Ben” Wall Clock by Marcel Wanders

The gorgeous Big Ben wall clock was designed for Moooi by industrial designer Marcel Wanders. “With time constantly ticking away in our pockets, on our wrists and computer screens the use of wall clocks has almost been forgotten. We still admire works of art and architecture like the big ben that help us tune into London’s time and space, but our personal daily time, the seconds and minutes we spend working and socializing, have become as small as our pockets and as abstract as our computer screens. Big Ben by Marcel Wanders helps us regain consciousness of time’s weight. So why not give it an important position in our living space? Why not go for a giant, decorative, iconic wall clock to give time our own, personal dimension?” Take a look!

Concrete Para Clocks by LeeLABS

LeeLABS have created a variety of clocks made of concrete that all use a parametric modeling algorithm to get their unique radial patterns. “LeeLABS has recently completed Para Clocks, a project that not only seeks to crowd source investment and interest, but aims to crowd source design power as well. Para-Clocks is about combining digital design methods with traditional craft using concrete; and most importantly, involving YOU in the design process. Designing using parametric software allows us to create many variations of radial patterns based off of similar sets of rules; but these are then played with and manipulated, allowing each pattern to be expressive in surprising ways.” Have fun!

Vadim Kibardin’s “White & White” Wall Clock

Take a look at these creative wall clock “White & White” created by designer Vadim Kibardin from Russia. “The White & White Clock designed by Vadim Kibardin is a modern 3D interpretation of the traditional digital clock. Nothing else, simply time. In dark hours the light sensitive sensor changes the brightness of the digits to a less intense white. ” All of the digits are part of a single unit, and as the new title suggests, it switches between two shades of white.

Creative Wall Clock “Day by Day”

Chinese company MOKO has released creative wall clock called Day by Day. With the help of hands these clock shows pace of our lives day by day. Quite interesting idea – second hand surmounted by the figure of airplane, minute hand crowned by car and the slowest hours hand is with walking man. Quite logical. Take a look!