5+5 Lamp Inspired by a 1970’s Puzzle Toy

Children of the 1970s for sure remember the Rubick’s Cube and its sister toy – the Rubik’s Snake. Oikimus Maria and Ivan Zverev of Oikimus Design remember it too and designed the 5+5 Lamp based on it. Just like the toy, 5+5 is made up of elements interconnected by hinges that allow the parts to rotate 360° to create various two- and three-dimensional shapes. The lamp’s case is made of plywood and is outfitted with LEDs inside that illuminate through frosted Plexiglas. Due to the lamp’s ability to change, it can become a table lamp, a wall lamp, or it can even be attached to your ceiling.

Vintage Lamps from the Headlights of Old Vehicles

Berlin-based Urban Light Factory creates unique, vintage-looking lamps from the headlights of old vehicles. Taken from junked cars, motorcycles and even farm tractors, the headlamps are turned into tripod-based work lamps or hanging pendants. Although they’re re-wired, their exteriors are not fixed up and repainted. Thus the lamps have fantastic character, revealing all the dings, nicks and scratches they sustained during their road lives. Their products come to you in wooden boxes made out of scrap and cut-offs. And the company has thought user maintenance through – with each lamp they send the custom tools you’ll need to get it open when it eventually comes time to change the bulb. There’s also a booklet with each lamp explaining that lamp’s specific history, which is pretty neat.

Modern Lamps by Giles Godwin-Brown

Today we will show you two interesting modern lamps created by product and lighting designer Giles Godwin-Brown. Both lamps are two dimensional. The Nepa Lamp is a wall-mounted six feet lamp equipped with friction hinges to allow the piece to pivot away from the wall. Constructed of birch plywood and stainless steel with some aluminum details, it utilizes high-powered LED lighting. The Candor Lamp is also wall-mounted and is constructed of cotton and timber. Wired with LED lighting as well, this lamp features a transparent strip that generates a "halo-like" glow on the wall it is mounted on. Take a look!