The Dressed-Up Furniture Series from Kamkam

Contemporary furniture could be knitted, horned or in the form of human body. But today we want to shoe you dressed-up furniture created by Korean design studio Kamkam. Dressed-up furniture series combines clothes and furniture. “It will make you feel fresh by mixing the familiar elements of normal actions like fastening a button and daily furniture like stool, storage and bench.”

Exclusive Asian Inspired Furniture

It’s not a secret that lately all Asian is in high demand and attention of many people. In this post we’ll show you a stylish, high-quality Korean, Chinese and Japanese furniture, which undoubtedly will be interested to fans of Asia as well as just lovers of beautiful and stylish stuff. In contrast to the extraordinary and creative furniture the beauty of Asian furniture lies in its simplicity and practicality. And of course it has its own, very special charm.