Bringing Fruits to Life – Watercolour Paintings by Marija Tiurina

Marija Tiurina is a London-based illustrator & concept artist, she takes fresh fruits and vegetables and turns them into unique watercolor characters, we must say, they look absolutely magnificent! She states what inspired her the most was the mind-blowing selection of fruits and vegetables in a greengrocer in London: “I have been picking green foods that I found intriguing and inspiring and creating characters based on those. Easy!” Check out these gorgeous illustrations below! And don’t forget about stunning paintings by Dennis Wojtkiewicz.

Magic and Positive Watercolors by Luqman Reza

Today we want to show you beautiful watercolors by Luqman Reza. “Luqman Reza or better known to the world as “jongkie” is an artist & illustrator from Kota Wisata Batu, Indonesia. He has gained recognition and appreciation on social networking sites such as instagram for his unique style of expressive illustration which he does in watercolour. His unique style is exemplified as a result of him not merely replicating the reference picture he is using but adding his own imagination and signature style which he has named the “magic effect”. Jongkie describes his work as “fantasy world”. This is evident through the concept, message and styles captured in each piece of work he produces. Jongkie says “I want to share my vision and inspiring people by illustration.” Jongkie never imagined he would be able to turn his hobby and passion into a successful business. Yet, his dream became a reality when more and more people began noticing his work. He now works on a multi-global basis corresponding with different people world-wide as a result of the interest for his work. Prints of his artwork are also available on request.”

Alexander Votsmush’s Impressive Watercolor

Today we want to show you some impressive watercolor artwork. The artist is nothing but a genius and a living legend – Alexander Shumtsov/Votsmush. His watercolors are full of life, energy, depth, narrative and humor in some cases. Votsmush’s grip on the medium, mood, subject and overall context in every single piece is mesmerizing making you feel as if it is not painted on paper with a paint brush but with a magical wand. Enjoy!

Irresistible Paris on Watercolors of Thierry Duval

French watercolorist with an impressive talent for capturing city life Thierry Duval was born in Paris, France in 1968. He is one of the best watercolor artists of the moment. His watercolors are characterized by a strong light and precision in drawing, being almost or hyperrealism in the results mainly in his Paris watercolors. By using glazing technique he works in several steps up to get the final, very realistic result. Thierry enjoys photographing the Seine in the early morning, he likes to filter light below decks, roofs gleaming in the rain, the silhouettes of majestic monuments that arose at the turn of an alley, the sounds of Paris, barges, markets, cafes. He likes to observe these lonely passers on the Pont des Arts, he likes to soak up the fall in Paris. This photographic work, nourishes and inspires him in his painting: this leads to the realism of a Paris dreamlike, poetic, nostalgic and timeless. If you love Paris you’ll find these Paris watercolors irresistible!

Elusive Architecture in Watercolors of Korean Artist Sunga Park

These architectural watercolor studies by Sunga Park seem to drip and fade out of focus like a memory or a dream. The graphic designer and illustrator currently lives and works in Busan, South Korea as a wallpaper designer but it seems her true passion is for watercolor and other artistic endeavors. “I’m living in Busan, South Korea, worked as a graphic designer and drawn illustrations for kids. I majored in economics and didn’t have a regular art school education in some reasons. So I can’t tell you what my exact art field is but I want to show you something different.”

Sunny Cats by Aurora Wienhold

We remember how many comments got post Unbelievable Pencil Art by Paul Lung. And we do think that part of such success lies on cats depicted on these stunning paintings. These creatures cause only love and tender emotion. Today we again will bring you some positive emotions with watercolor painting by young artist from Germany Aurora Wienhold. She draws painting on absolutely different topics but her cats are really sunny and extremely cute.

Amazing Watercolor Paintings by Thomas W. Schaller

Thomas Schaller is a renowned watercolor artist who is currently based in Venice, California following a successful 20+year career in New York City as a design architect and architectural artist. He has long been considered one of the foremost architectural illustrators in the world. In the field, he has won many awards for his artwork – including being a two-time recipient of the “Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize”. Take a look at these beautiful paintings including fantastic views of Southern California, London, Italy, Greece, as well as amazing architectural fantasy paintings.

Stunning Watercolor Paintings of Greece

Today we want to show you stunning watercolor paintings of Greece created by artist Pantelis Zografos. For 30 years Pantelis Zografos doesn’t live in Greece, but love to Greece and artist’s talent day-to-day call him to the canvas and paint, and there, in his studio, he paints watercolor Greece. The warm sea, ancient history, little old houses and streets lined with pavement … And the riot of greenery and flowers.

Grunge Inspiration from Raphael Vicenzi

In continuation of grunge inspiration theme we want to represent you another great collection. These amazing artworks were created by illustrator fron Belgium Raphael Vicenzi. Feel pleasure from this cool mix from watercolor and grunge, these playful compositions, discover a deep sense in every illustration. Also you’ll surely notice that there are only girls on his illustrations. Intresting why?

Crazy Watercolor

These crazy watercolor artworks created by artist from Uzbekistan – Dmitry Ligay. Among this mind-blowing chaos you will surely see the talented artist who is trying to show you the world as he see it.

Inspiring Watercolor

Geliographic Studio represents these truly inspired art works. You will be charmed by beautiful colors, interesting compositions and awesome technique.