15 Best Free Travel Templates and Themes

If you look up #Inspo on Instagram, I bet you will see thousands and thousands of travel-related photos. People will never stop searching for inspiration that exploring new countries gives. Some 20 years ago arranging a trip could become a real pain in the neck, but now we can easily settle everything on the web in the comfort of our homes. Select a destination, book a flight, find a fancy hotel with a breathtaking sea view – and you’re ready to go just in a few clicks! When people want to get services online, they want these services to be fast, clear and effective. If they don’t get these three at one website, they go to another one. Thus, a quality website is the key factor of any modern company’s success. Luckily for travel companies, their field has much to offer in regards to visual content, which makes travel websites so rich in eye-catching imagery. The only thing that’s left to make their websites effective is to pick up some beautiful framing. In this article we discuss the essential functions of a travel company website and show some beautiful travel templates and themes that have all these functions on fleek. If you want to know what a dream travel website should be like, read on!

Design Concept for KISS by Fiona Bennett

“KISS by Fiona Bennett” is the ready-to-wear line from Berlin-based hat couture designer Fiona Bennett. For more than 20 years, Fiona Bennett has been cultivating an approach to couture hat design accentuated by skill, audacity and more than a dash of extravagance. The following images show design concept for online store for KISS by Fiona Bennett and this concept was created by DOJO Advertising Agency, Berlin, Germany.

15 Best Free Real Estate Templates

Continuing the theme of free templates at this time we’ve prepared an excellent collection of best free realestate templates. Now there are so many real estate sites in Internet, and each year their number increases more and more. So users’ necessity in free real estate website templates of high quality is very significant. In our collection of best free real templates we selected 15 most quality free CSS templates, free flash templates, free HTML templates and free Joomla templates. Hope this collection will be useful to many. Our post 15 Best Free Website Builders can also help you to create a free real estate website.

25+ Best Old Paper Inspired Web Designs

Using old paper as an design element is a very popular design trend. Old paper or torn cardboard is often used as a page background as well as elements of navigation bar or content areas. As a rule “old paper style” is widely used among blog designs but flash website also can be designed using it. Today we want to showcase you the most interesting and creative old paper inspired web designs. Many from the best web builders use these type of design in their web templates.

Collection of Creative and Original Logos

We represent you a selection of the most creative and original logos and business signs. These impressive logos are the results of the fruitful work of various designers. In one small seemingly simple icons is embedded deep thought of designer, original idea. These creative logos are a real godsend for companies. Because a logo by itself is already an advertising which is able to draw attention to the company among the thousands of other competitors. It’s better to make sure by yourself – have fun!

Best Free Professional Banners

Today Beautiful Life Blog represents selection of the best professional banners for free use. In fact the Internet provides a lot of free items including banners. But quality of most of them are low. Instead we’ll show you free banners by only five developers, but their free banners can be called truly the best. We also strongly recommend you to check this list of free website builders we’ve created for you.

25 Most Spectacular Blog Designs

Today we represent you great collection of the most spectacular and beautiful blog designs. Viewing this selection you’ll see how cool and surprisingly original blogs can be. Some of them were created by web development company and some them by freelance designers. Hope this collection will inspire you. We haven’t include in the collection bright stylish blogs with minimal or grunge design. We’ll show them in our future posts. Also we recommend to check our post about website builders.

25 Most Impressive Flash Sites

Today we’ll show you 25 the most impressive and original flash sites. Many the best site builders have been using Flash for creating their sites. Flash sites listed in this collection are characterized by creative ideas, beautiful graphics, amazingly spectacular animation. Most of these flash sites are the winners of various Web Design Competitions. May be you’ll be waiting till each of these flash sites will be loaded, but believe – it’s worth it. Even if you do not like heavy flash animation – turn your attention to the latest site in our list. Turn on your speakers, take the mouse into hand – and get a inspirational pleasure! Get more creative flash websites.

30 Absolutely Creative & Stylish Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites to communicate with millions of people every day. One of the advantages of Tweeter is the possibility to personalize your account as you like. For this purpose you can design your own background. Backgrounds of some twitter accounts are truly masterpieces of design and samples of exquisite taste of their creator’s.

Unique Taste of Guiness

British studio Thinkdust created a truly masterpiece for Guiness. This dark flash site actually will make you want to drink Guinness.

20 Light Minimalistic Website Designs

When it comes to design sometimes less is more. Find inspiration in this collection of 20 light minimalist website designs.