Elegant Wooden Whale Lamp

Designer Eduard Golikov has created an elegant wooden whale sculpture that doubles as an unconventional lighting solution. Crafted from birch wood, each piece is laser cut and assembled into a series of concentric shapes that form a sleek and stylized version of the beloved water-based creature. After its construction, Golikov coats the lamp in white paint and inserts an Edison bulb to cast a soft glow. The illuminated whale can be displayed a couple of ways. It can rest on a desk as a table lamp, but it’s also equipped with a suspension system—this allows it to float and seemingly “swim” in midair, adding a dream-like element to your space. Golikov sells these whimsical creatures in his Etsy shop.

Whale Chair by Maximo Riera

Spanish designer Maximo Riera continues to create stunning animal chairs. In addition to Octopus, Rhino, Walrus and Elephant chairs he created new Whale Chair. This chair honors the blue whale, the world’s largest animal. "Whale Chair" was designed to be the centerpiece making it ideal for open spaces due to its extensive its size and dimension. the fin is showcased in a manner that replicates the lift of its tail fluke in the water, while its asymmetry balances the composition of span in relation to the seat. this piece serves as a reminder that we need to understand how to responsibly sustain our marine life population to prevent a decline in our earth’s endangered species." Have fun!