Guest House Inside Derelict Suffolk Windmill

UK firm Beech Architects has converted a 125-year-old windmill stump in Suffolk, England, into a guest house topped with an elliptical zinc-clad pod. Once a prominent feature of the landscape, the 60-foot-tall (18-metre) converted windmill now houses two bedrooms, a kitchen-diner, a bathroom, and a viewing pod that offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside from the fourth floor. Originally built in 1891, the structure had remained as a disused stump for decades following the loss of its cap and sails. The mill’s renovation works were carried out as a self-build project managed by the site owner, using specialist sub-contractors and suppliers, and were entirely privately financed. “The design objectives were to reinstate the lost cap structure and restore the redundant and crumbling windmill to its former landmark status via contemporary design interventions,” said the architects.