Wooden Guest House In A Former Factory Tower

US firm Andersson-Wise has created a tall silvery building containing bedrooms near a waterside holiday home in Austin, so that the owners can invite more guests to stay. Tower House perches atop a hill overlooking Lake Travis, one of Austin’s man-made lakes created by the Marshall Ford Dam across Texas’ Colorado River. The building is a free-standing addition to a 1930s summer cabin, constructed from local limestone. “When we first saw it, it was a simple building with one large room, a little sleeping room, kitchen and a porch facing the water,” said Andersson-Wise. “Our clients came to us with the request to expand the cabin with an additional two bedrooms with baths and larger living area for larger groups to gather in.”

15 Most Creative Modern Wooden Houses of 2018

In an age where glass and metal are the most prevalent building materials, wooden houses are a sight for sore eyes. Sure, they present a more idyllic, natural aesthetic – a perfect break from the monotony of modern concrete jungles – but the advantages of living in a wooden building are far more diverse. For starters, wood is a natural thermal insulator; this means you end up saving a considerable amount of energy compared to brick, concrete, and stone houses. Because wood absorbs noise, modern wooden houses offer a more relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. Moreover, the natural materials for building such homes can be sourced quickly, allowing construction to progress fairly quickly and painlessly. Wooden structures also help the environment by absorbing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide. No wonder so many people prefer living in a wooden house.