Bigwood Residence

Bigwood Residence

Extending out from the Idaho mountains, the Bigwood House brings an industrial aesthetic to its desert landscape. The east end of the house is anchored into the hillside by a stone and concrete foundation, allowing the steel and glass volumes to project out and focus on the rugged scenery. Covered patios sit below the cantilever wings for a shaded place to relax during the warmer months, while also creating separation between the structure and the winter elements. A glazed bridge housing a sitting area connects the two forms. Operated by a hand-wheel crank, its twenty-five-foot-long wall pivots open to Bald Mountain, Griffin Butte, and Adams Gulch.


modern house

wooden interior

modern interior design

wooden house

creative house

modern house


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  1. Pernille

    Beautiful House ….amazing surrounding 🙂 <3