Hupomone Ranch – Original Barn House in California


Hupomone Ranch - Original Barn House in California

Hupomone Ranch is an original 160-acre homestead located just a few miles outside of the small Californian town of Petaluma. Designed by architecture firm Turnbull Griffin Haesloop, the property was neglected for 30 years, but has now been transformed into a stunning living space by the owners, a young family with three children. They wanted to build a barn house that would reflect their commitment to sustainable farming, that would incorporate seamlessly into the environment and would be as green as possible. The house is certified LEED Platinum, with both passive and geothermal heating and cooling, and solar panels to help offset energy usage. The open plan living room and kitchen are the heart of the ranch and feature a glazed wall and sliding doors that open towards the garden and connect the interior to nature. The property also includes a separate poolhouse located directly opposite the barn with wash room and covered bar that´s open to the concrete deck.


original house

modern house

big windows

stylish interior

stunning view

modern kitchen

light bedroom

big bathroom

green fields

outdoor pool

small cabin

guest house

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