Amazing Paper Sculptures by Bethany Bickley


Amazing Paper Sculptures by Bethany Bickley

In these delicate and endearing paper sculptures, US based artist Bethany Bickley takes the narrative of books and brings them to life. From Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar” to “The Bone Yard” by Jefferson Bass, Bickley uses pages from the book itself to illustrate the main themes of the novel in beautifully crafted figures.

3d paper sculptures

To illustrate Sylvia Plath’s most well-known novel, “The Bell Jar”, Bickley has created a tiny figure to represent the struggles of protagonist esther greenwood. The book narrates Greenwood’s battle with mental health as she slowly descends, and then returns, from the edge. Using words from the book, Bickley’s huddled sculptures perfectly conveys the sadness and bleakness of the character.

In addition to “The Bell Jar”, Bethany Bickley has created intricate paper sculptures for other classic novels from the 20th century, such as “The Woman Destroyed” , by Simone de Beauvoir. The artist also uses her crafting skills for commissions and reviews of the latest reads. ALso be sure to check geometric paper sculptures by Matthew Shlian.

sculpture with paper

artist paper sculpture

paper art sculptures

sculptures from paper

sculptured paper

sculpture of paper

sculpture paper mache

paper sculptures

paper mache sculpture

sculpture in paper

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