Amazing Photo Manipulations by Dmitriy Rogozhkin

Amazing Photo Manipulations by Dmitriy Rogozhkin

Today we want to show amazing surreal photos of taleneted photographer Dmitriy Rogozhkin. “I was born and raised in the small town of Malmyzh. Although artistic education I have not, I’ve always liked to draw. In the future, it helped me to enroll in the University of Architecture. In 2011, I bought a Canon PowerShot 20x. I remember when it cost $ 250. For me it was a lot of money. After this year, I photographed on this camera, then scored on a year to shoot, and earned during the year on the Canon 7D, when he was in the first year of university. Somewhere in a year photography became for me a more convenient way of self-expression than drawing or painting. Artist – a state of mind, so it does not matter, what are you doing camera or brush.”


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