Black, White, and Blue – Still Life Photo Series


Black, White, and Blue - Still Life Photo Series

Today we want to show you beautiful still life compositions by Greg Stroube. “I worked in a limited color palette for this series, focusing on black, white, and blue foods. In a culinary context, this color space is unusual – you’ll find unlikely ingredients like squid ink pasta, purple sweet potatoes, and waxy honeycomb. The work was a team effort – food stylists, props, partners, producers. We dug through inspiration, pulled together materials, switched this out for that, baked up a new tart with a different fruit to see which looked prettier. The collaboration is essential to composing the shot; it’s the real fun of the work.” Enjoy!


still life painting with fruits

still life art with china food

still life artwork with cheese

still life with food compostions

still life photography with coffee and chocolate

still life photo with france food

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